Stop Being Unapproachable If Your Ex Is Not Getting Back With You

It’s been a while since you broke up with your ex over a stupid reason. You both realized it and you still believe that you are meant to be together, but none of you seems to be taking the first step for getting back together. Even though you come across each other on many occasions, like at the coffee shop or at the mall, no one is talking to each other for a chance to mend the broken relation. What should you do?

Stop being unapproachable if your ex is not getting back with you.

Maybe your ex wants to talk to you whenever he sees you, but your attitude, posture or facial expressions just push him away. If you are waiting for your ex to initiate a conversation, then it should be as such that wherever he sees you, he should feel an urge to talk to you. Always put a natural smile to your face. Certainly it can be tough to smile when your heart is aching, but remember that your smiling for a chance of getting back together.

Ego plays an important role here, your ex would not want to talk to you if he feels like you are going to scream at him or humiliate him in front of everyone. So, make sure you don’t reflect anything like that.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is that you should not always be surrounded with friends whenever you go to places where your ex usually hangs out. When you are with friends, he will probably feel intimidated to come and talk to you.

Now that you have learned how not to be unapproachable, it time to learn some helpful tricks to help you get your ex back.

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