Play With The Mind Of Your Ex Boyfriend With These 5 Psychological Tricks And Make Him Desire You Again 5

What you are going to learn in this article is no rocket science and you won’t also need a degree in psychology to master the tricks. In fact, these triggers or “mind tricks” has been inside us forever. Many times, broken couples have used them unknowingly and managed to rebuild their relationships and they would say that they were lucky. But it’s not about luck, if you apply these 5 psychological tricks to your broken relationship, you may also get “lucky” with your ex boyfriend and make him desire you again and want you back in his life.

Keep your distance

Relationship experts call it the “no contact rule” and there is a reason why so many experts talk about this rule, it’s because it works. Right after a breakup, it’s often a wise idea to keep your distance from your ex boyfriend. You should give him his space and let him figure out stuffs in his mind. If you keep pestering or stalking him right after the breakup, not once giving him a moment to miss you, the most logical thing he would probably do is to kick you out of his life for good.

Be single, free and happy about it

Hey, you guys broke up! Maybe you were in the relationship for several months or even years, but officially you have broken up. It’s certain that your heart will ache when you think of your cherished love story that has been shattered, but there is something that you could be happy about. You now have the opportunity of being single and free again, not many couples get to have it. Surely, there must things that you enjoyed doing that your boyfriend didn’t like and always stopped you from doing. Well, now you can and your boyfriend is not around to stop you. This doesn’t mean that you should purposely go out and do things that would hurt your ex boyfriend’s feelings, but instead do things that will genuinely make you happy. That will have the added advantage of keeping your mind off the breakup.

Make him realize than you can change

If you want to make him desire you again and want you back, you can’t stay the same you he left. You need to bring some new positive changes in your life. This is can be a very difficult step for those who don’t like changes in their lifestyle. But remember this, something has definitely changed in your lifestyle when the breakup happened. Are you now willing to make some other changes in order to improve your chances of getting him back? Maybe your boyfriend always told to exercise regularly to stay fit but you always procrastinated. Now may be the time to make those changes in your life to show him that you can be flexible and not always rigid.

Trying to make him jealous is an old trick

Trying to make your ex boyfriend jealous by dating someone else is an old trick that can sometimes backfire. You certainly don’t want to instigate him for dating someone else. Also, don’t do the mistake of going back to a previous ex boyfriend. You will end up hurting everyone in the process, you, your ex, and your previous ex. There is no reason why you shouldn’t hang out with friends, but be sincere to yourself. If you are doing it purposely to make him jealous, he will probably notice and hate you even more for doing it.

Clear all confusions

After the no contact period (maybe 2-4 weeks), when you get a chance to talk with him again, it might be a good idea to clear all confusions about the breakup.  Make sure you understand why the breakup happened, if not, it might be very difficult to avoid another breakup in the future even if you do get back together.  You should also talk about the good things in your relationship with him, make him feel nostalgic, but never show that you’re desperate to back with him.

By applying these 5 psychological tricks to your actual post-breakup situation, you will greatly improve your chances of getting him back. Of course, playing with the mind and emotions of your ex boyfriend to make him desire you can go to advanced levels as well.

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