Should I Panic If My Ex Went On A Date With Someone Else 1

You broke up with your boyfriend some time ago, but you still love him and you have high hopes that everything will be alright and you will be back together again. But now you get to know that your ex went on a date with someone. Suddenly the hope of ever getting back your ex seems blur and you start panicking at the thought of losing him for good.

We know that you really want to back with him and you are even willing to beg him to take you back if that’s what it takes. But you would be doing a big mistake. Don’t lose the little self-esteem you’ve got left by begging and pleading. When he sees that you are so desperate, he will know that he can get you back whenever he wants, so he won’t take you back just like that. It’s human nature to want the things we can’t have the most, so if you play it hard to get, he’ll probably want you back more then.

There is reason why he is now your “ex” and not your “boyfriend”, so you have to be cool about the idea of him going out with someone else. It’s not like he is cheating on you. You are not committed to each other anymore. You may still love your ex, and maybe he still has feelings for you too, but he is probably very confused and going out on dates is his way of keeping his mind off this breakup. In fact, even you don’t want to go on any date yourself, it is strongly advisable that you go out with friends and enjoy instead of sitting at home and depressing about your broken heart.

Someone who has been in love with you for months or years will not just fall out of love like that. He will most likely get in a rebound relationship as a way to forget all the memories he had with you. So, this date is nothing serious. If the guy really did forget you and moved on so easily, would you really want to be with that kind of guy again? You certainly deserve better than that.So, no reason for panicking here either.

It is also possible that he also wants to get back with you and that’s why he is dating someone else. He probably thinks that he’ll make you jealous like that and you’ll confess hat you still want him. Even though he is adopting a wrong way, his intentions are wrong. You can’t blame him either, not everyone knows the right techniques for getting back with an ex.

If it was your ex boyfriend who made you aware of his plans for going on a date with another person, then you should show him how mature you are by being cool about the whole thing. In fact, you could instead call him after his date and ask him how it went. He’ll be astonished and might even start thinking how he let a girl like you go. One of the smartest trick you can use to win him back, is to show him how much you are better than the person he is dating.

Another mistake some people do when they hear their ex is going on a date is that they’ll show at that place at that same time. There is no need for you to create such an awkward and uncomfortable situation for you and your ex. Your ex could possibly hate you even more for behaving in such a way.

Getting your ex back is not rocket science. You just need to be in the right state of mind and acquire that right knowledge that has been successfully applied by many ex-couples to become couples again.

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One thought on “Should I Panic If My Ex Went On A Date With Someone Else

  • Bobbie

    I was mature and even wished my ex to have a good time he called me a lier and I told him that me being jealous would do me any good at what I’m aiming for he said we should agree to disagree I simply said ok and let it at that