What You Must Never Say About Your Ex

Your partner broke up with you, shattered your heart in a million pieces and hurt you so much. The one person who cared so much for you in the past now doesn’t seem care that you have been hurt badly. No matter how much you cried, he didn’t return to comfort you. He just walked away, leaving you all alone in your sadness. And now you’re so mad at him that you just want to shoot all kind of curses at him and say all the bad things in the world about him. But, you should be very careful about what to say, and refrain from telling certain things.

Obviously, it’s a very bad idea to say lies about your ex. Sooner or later, people will find out that you are a liar and you will lose your integrity. You are probably so confused with the breakup that you don’t even know the actual reasons why it all happened. So now, you are putting all the blame on your ex. But, maybe it was your fault, and you could reverse the breakup by correcting your mistake. Wouldn’t you want to fix your broken relationship if you could?

What happened in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Don’t go around telling people how bad your ex’s performance was in the bedroom. Of course, people would be interested in knowing all the juicy details you are sharing, but in their minds they would be thinking how pathetic you are to be sharing all that because your boyfriend broke up with you. Once again, you should keep your integrity and assume your responsibility as a mature adult. If you are going to be whining like a child, you shouldn’t have gotten in a relationship in the first place.

Your ex-partner trusted you and that’s why he shared his secrets and other intimate things with you. Now that you are not together anymore doesn’t mean that you can tell everyone his secrets. You probably shared some private things with him too, how would you feel if he goes around and start telling your secrets to everyone? Maybe one day you can have the chance of being together again, how will you face him then? You are going to ruin all your chances of ever reuniting.

Another thing that you don’t want to reveal about your ex is his financial situation. Whether he was broke or a miser is not something the general public should know. Remember, the more bad things you say about your ex, the more people will will think how much you are a fool to have stayed so long in such a relationship.

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