Learn Why and How To Avoid Premature Reconciliation

A romantic relationship can be long-lasting, but not always perfect. Occasional breakups can arise and picking up the pieces should be the next task. Premature reconciliations however come as a spoiler for the less patient people.

Many people have come to believe that there is a particular man somewhere meant for a given woman. If that’s what you believe too, it’s great. But you also need to be aware that this has deceived many into hurrying to reconcile after a painful breakup. You should always keep your emotions in check!

Contact and how to go about it

How does this manifest itself? An example would be calling your ex and spending almost an hour on phone with the hope of getting him/her back. Maybe every normal human being will find it okay to do so. The problem of making headway quickly and trying to hasten the process spells doom. Over expectation is a killer disease when it comes to this kind of reconciliation. Go slow!

Keep off too much contact to save yourself from going to another trauma, as if the breakup was not enough. Take the example of John who calls Sally and they decide to go for coffee and the activity takes 20-25 minutes. So short little sharing but meaningful. It is an epitome of what less contact after break up means.

Moreover, taking some time away and out of contact with your ex can make you forget about the pain. It will make you view the relationship from a different perspective. The post-breakup period is the time to go out with friends and find new hobbies. Just keep yourself busy.

Don’t spoil the reconciliation

It does not matter who wants to be back in the relationship first. If you begin the process, ensure that you do not spoil it. For example, a girl who makes the first attempt to get in touch again may get an answer from then ex and even have a calm and relaxed conversation. Soon afterwards, she gives her thumbs an unnecessary job, that is, endless texting. By doing so, she may turn him off completely and be at a losing end.

A hurried decision to get back with an ex can land you in a fatal situation. A guy who talks to is ex to say hello and the hello becomes too convincing that it gets them back to bed. This sounds great, doesn’t it? But a sorry state may also follow; the guy does this for the last time and cuts communication forever leaving the lady in the middle of nowhere. Now this is a sadder case than what it was meant to cure.

When you finally get over the pain, talk about the relationship. Look at every aspect from scratch up to where it broke. This will help you pinpoint where the problem was and get a way out of it amicably. This avoids premature reconciliation.

Now, you know where to begin and how to go about the reorganized relationship.

Self-control is the word here. Premature reconciliation can cause more harm than good to you. It just takes you back to the starting point and not where you left. Why do you invite trouble by trying to pick the pieces too quickly before you get emotionally settled? Take your time and you shall save your broken relationship.

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