How To Stop My Ex From Seeing Someone

There is nothing worse than seeing your ex lover flaunt his new catch around. However long it is after the breakup, it brings on one of the most unpleasant emotions ever. It is especially hard if you hope to get back together with them. Here are some useful tips on how to stop your ex from seeing someone else in order to keep the chances of your reconciliation high.

Avoid wallowing

After a breakup, the most obvious road is letting yourself go. It is just so easy to find yourself unkempt, crying, drinking too much and that downward cycle. This is detrimental to your chances of getting him back, because if your ex sees you as a mess he will not really want you back and will probably rush on to the next best thing. You might need a few days to absorb the shock and pain, but get back on your feet as fast as possible.

Move on

This is a surprising move, but key to getting back your ex lover. As horrible as you feel, get up, do your work, dress up and take care of yourself so that you are more gorgeous than he ever thought. Do this as fast as possible before he gets moving to someone else. This will make him wonder how you got over him so fast and why he never noticed just how beautiful you are. Touching his desire button might get him chasing again.

Let him know you forgive him

Offer your forgiveness and apologize too. Do not talk about the breakup or blame it on either of you. This will create a good ground for reconciliation. You can ask to be friends and maintain a little contact at a time so that he has you on his mind sometimes.

Be around him

It would be awesome if you had some mutual hobbies. If not, just ensure you are in a position where he sees you often. This will curb his moving on gear to a large extent.

Be around other guys 

Do not be consistently seen with one guy around you as this might give your ex the idea that you are exclusively dating. Hanging around many guys will keep him wondering and thinking just how attractive you are.

Fix what broke you two up 

If the reason for his leaving is fixable, for example, how you wear your hair or those few extra pounds, then work to fix it and make sure he sees the undeniable change.

Mutual friends

If you had mutual friends keep them close. They are sure to notice how happy and balanced you are and inform him once in a while. It will also keep you updated on potential threats. If anyone raises the breakup, be cool about it. Do not badmouth him or defend him too much.

As much as these tips will help you a great deal, it is paramount to do more in depth research in order to find out more about how to get your ex back. As they say, information is power; the more you get the better your chances.

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