How To Secretly Get My Ex Girlfriend To Fall Back In Love With Me In 10 Steps 2

You don’t need to use any magic spell or love potion make your ex girlfriend fall back in love with you. Simply use the female psychology to your advantage and make her come to you. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. You have probably applied human psychology at many points in life to get what you wanted, without even realizing it. Now imagine how powerful these techniques can be if you are fully aware of what you are doing.

Stop asking how to get my ex girlfriend to fall back in love with me and get started with the following steps:

1. First, you must figure out all the things that she loved about you. Go back to the days when you first met and fell in love. What are the things about you that she loved? What are the things that she found cute? Note them down if you have to. These are very important, because you would want to portrait only these features about you whenever you see her again.

2. No matter how you feel after a breakup, you should not bombard or pester your ex with phone calls or text messages. It’s also not a good idea to post mean messages on social media. The best thing to do is disappear from her life for a while. You don’t want her to pick up her phone and see missed calls or messages from you, or status updates from you on social media. Doing these things will not only make her curious to know what you are up to, but she may even start missing you. After all, you had such a special place in her life, disappearing completely will make a void in her life and she will certainly feel it.

3. Learn to respect her decisions, even if she decided to take some time off from the relationship, accept and respect it. Imposing your ideas on her or letting her impose hers on you is going to turn your relationship in an unhealthy one. This is something you have to always keep in mind, even after getting her back.

4. Another important step to make your ex girlfriend fall in love with you again is to eliminate all reasons and causes of breakup, fights and frustrations in your relationship. Of course, you should never be the only one doing sacrifices in a relationship. Sometimes, fights occur over very trivial reasons and if changing those doesn’t require any big effort/commitment/sacrifice from your part, go ahead and change them.

5. Under no circumstances should your ex girlfriend see you as being desperate and needy. If that happens, she would feel like she has the control in her hands. She could come back to you anytime and you would accept her, therefore she doesn’t need to hurry.

6. On the other hand, playing hard to get would make her feel that you don’t need her and you can live your life without her. This can be beneficial to you as she might fear losing you for good if she doesn’t do something to get you back, if that’s what she wants too.

7. Although it’s very difficult to put on a happy face when you have gone through a breakup and your heart is aching. You will have to do it. Just remember that by doing so, you are improving your chances of getting her back. You ex doesn’t want to be back with someone who is always sad and depressed

8. If you have been wanting to change your looks/wardrobe/hairstyle, now is the perfect time for it. When your ex sees you, she should see a new you, like an improved version of you. You may even consider adopting the look of a celebrity that your ex likes, but don’t make it obvious or she’ll figure out that you’re up to something. Of course, adopt a look that you like too.

9. Don’t make her jealous, make her curious instead. Using jealousy to get back at your ex is an old trick, that backfires very often. What you want to do is arouse her curiosity about you, so much that she might herself come to you to inquire about what you have been doing. For example, if you disappear from social networking for a while and then someday you post a picture of you with a girl, not kissing, not cuddling and without any caption. She’ll probably go crazy wanting to ask you about that girl. And when she does, it’ll probably be an opportunity for you to rekindle your relationship.

10. No matter how uncomfortable the situation gets, you must never lose your cool. Even if she raises her voice, try your level best not to do the same. That will only show that you have matured into a better person and she wouldn’t want to lose someone like like you.

Like these 10 steps, there are many other techniques you can apply, that more appropriately fit your situation, to get her back. Getting her back is not a matter of luck, but how much prepared you and whether you are willing to do what it takes to make things right again.

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2 thoughts on “How To Secretly Get My Ex Girlfriend To Fall Back In Love With Me In 10 Steps

  • Cody Rey

    I see my ex at the gym where we met and she works. We smile make small talk but never discussed the problem that had us breakup.
    I want to move foward with life but that doesn’t mean it’s with or without her. I would like to have a life coach for running marathons. What is your opinion or suggestions?