How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back When He Has A New Girlfriend Already

It hurts a lot when you go through a breakup. It hurts even more when you see your ex boyfriend with some other girl just days or weeks after the breakup. You would then find yourself asking if he already moved on and found himself a new girlfriend. In such situation, you would probably think that there is no hope at all for you two to reunite again. But, there is always hopeā€¦

How do I get my ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend?

Maybe you have heard about it, that a relationship right after a breakup is a rebound relationship. In most cases, rebound relationships don’t last for too long and don’t get too serious, so you shouldn’t worry much about it. It could even be a blessing in disguise for you if your ex boyfriend realizes he doesn’t want to be with anyone other than you.

Are you sure that the girl is his new girlfriend? Or maybe she is just a good who is supporting your ex in his sorrows. It’s very hard to think straight when your mind is filled with all the stress regarding the future of your broken relationship. You will need to clear your mind from all that if you want to have your best shot at getting your ex boyfriend back. It’s not easy to not think about your cherished bond, but always being sad and depressed about it is not going to help at all. Just like your ex may be doing, you should also hang out with some friends so as to forget the sorrows.

The breakup has already happened and there is no time machine to turn back the clock. Therefore, there is nothing much that you can do except accepting it as a fact. Being in denial can ruin your chances of getting together again. You have to understand that you have both become single again and behaving like singles is perfectly alright.

Now, the next scenario is that your ex is really with a new girlfriend. Would you then really want to be with someone who is so shallow that he is already in a new relationship just days after a breakup? But, this is quite tricky to figure out if this is a serious relationship or just a round relationship. Hopefully, your gut feeling and experience of having been with him will give you the right answer.

If after clearing your mind and giving it a serious thought, you still believe that you are meant to be together, then it’s time to gear up and go get your man!

Couples breaking up and getting back together is not accidental, in fact there is a psychology behind it. Before you go get your man, you need to learn how to take full advantage of these psychological triggers. It’s no rocket science, it can be as easy as triggering his curiosity to make him want to meet you or talk to you. Or triggering a fear of losing you for good if he doesn’t do anything. There are many more such techniques, do your homework.

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