Why Is My Ex-Girlfriend So Mean To Me… And How To Change It 1

Some breakups are amicable while others suck big time. Sometimes, one person will be left hurt, crying, and thinking of a quick way out of the miseries. After splitting, some people might decide to remain as “friends”, but quite often one person, especially the girl, will start acting mean and cold.

You might notice the ex-girlfriend changing directions when you see her coming from the other end of the street or she just walks away and ignores you when you meet. Sometimes when she decides to talk to you she might start telling you how her life is far more better now than when you were in it. She might even go further and tell you about the great person she is seeing or she will talk about her sex life and what the other guy does to her or vice-versa. All your good intentions, whatever good gesture you try to do or say are crashed to the ground with hostility, resentment, suspicion, irritation, anger or worse.

At that moment you ask yourself, “Why would someone who used to say she loves me more than anything be hurting me intentionally now?”. But what we do not know is, some exes are mean so that they could shove us away from their lives, they want us gone. Many girls have the passive aggressive behavior where they feel that when they are cold, mean, and cruel to you that will be the time you will get the message, and leave them be. This especially happens if a person feels that you are in denial or you are not accepting that fact that what you had is over. 

It could also be possible that the ex-girlfriend is mean because she might still have deep feelings for you, and her cruel, cold and mean behavior is her way of dealing with the situation. You can tell when an ex is dealing with mixed feelings, when she goes back and forth, one day the ex is harsh, the next she is kind, and loving. These are the reactions that tells you that she still cares and have feelings for you, but if an ex is mean, cruel, and always angry when you meet her, no loving no caring whatsoever, then that would mean one thing, and that would be she wants you gone for good.

But remember one thing, even if the ex-girlfriend wants you gone, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. You can still have a chance to get her back. First, you will have to wait when the time is right otherwise things might get messed up for good. So, be careful about what you do and when you do it to get her back for good. We won’t be going in details about the timings here, but you do your homework and read about the no contact rule, etc.

What you will need to do is call her over or just take her out and talk to her. Try to remind her what made her to love you, try to revive all the dead and lost memories that brought you two together. I know it will be hard because she wouldn’t want to hear what you are trying to say, but at the back of her head she is thinking about it or she will think about it later. You should work your way through her mind till she gets to the point where she will be asking herself questions about the current guy she is dating (if any). Questions like. “Is this person treating me with the respect, and love I deserve?”, “Is this the kind of man I want to spend my life with?”. Once you get her to think that way, she will be calm and she will be listening to you when you are addressing something, that’s when you will know you are on your way to getting your ex-girlfriend back.

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One thought on “Why Is My Ex-Girlfriend So Mean To Me… And How To Change It

  • Victoria

    I was mean to my ex because he lied and cheated in our relationship yet he persistently pursued me. I knew the relationship was toxic but I would keep getting suckered in by his charm and his lies. I finally decided not more. Being mean was the only way he would finally leave me alone and move on to another sucker.