Your Ex Boyfriend Is Fooling Around. Make Him Stop And Fall Back In Love With You

In this fast paced world, people often fall in love too quickly and also fall out quickly too! The biggest mistake however, that they do is probably, start dating another person as soon as they had parted ways with each other! So, if your ex boyfriend is fooling around with someone else, and you want him back badly, then don’t be disappointed because he is probably dating her not out of love but just because he wants to get over the sour things of the past- it’s a rebound for him! While this is indeed a good thing to know, there sure are ways that would definitely make him come back to you. Never compare yourself with that girl he’s fooling around with. So, if you want Cupid to shoot his arrow at him and rekindle the romance then simply follow these three steps!


Well, we know that you have probably wet your pillows thinking about that first kiss or probably the quarrels that eventually made your relationship fall apart. But the key thing you need to do to get your ex boyfriend back is probably to reflect and introspect on what really went wrong. Introspection will make you assess his and your behaviour and make you detect those small things that probably go unnoticed in a relationship. Remember how much he liked when you appreciated him in front of his friends, not because he was your boyfriend, but because of how much you loved the man from within! Or, remember when you fought with him just because he was giving that extra attention to your friend. DAH! It’s very natural to get attracted to somebody else temporarily so you shouldn’t have made a big deal of it. Come on, admit it that even you like the special attention of the guy at the store, isn’t it? Appreciate each other, accept each other’s faults, forgive and start afresh. So, the basic thing is not to repeat the mistakes!

Now, that you have introspected and spot the mistakes, time is ripe to make him STOP from fooling around with that girl and for you to make the right moves.


A lot of girls do this and though this might not go down well, go and take a look at the mirror. Time for a reality check gurly! Do you pay the same kind of attention to yourself now? Remember that honeymoon phase when you used to spend hours to get those locks smooth and those hands manicured and make those cheeks glow with the radiance of love? Well, guys definitely like their girls to be looked at by other men. It makes them proud as well as makes them put their best foot forward because they are aware that their lady love is the cynosure of all eyes at the restaurant. So, why did you stop taking extra care of yourself when you HAD him? Through your common friends, try to find out casually if he’s coming to that party on the weekend or may be if he goes to the pub every Saturday, then go ahead and surprise him with your new look. Flaunt your makeover and you got to make all heads turn! Surely, he would be the first one to fall for you!


Now that you’ve run into him accidentally at many places, try to break the ice by talking to him. You can make him stop going out with that girl by casually mentioning that you would be going to attend the concert next week by his favorite band and ask him if he would be coming too. Of course, he would be in any case but now that you’ve told about your coming, he would make sure he comes alone- leaving that girl behind. BINGO! You’ll get what you want. Communication gap is the biggest killer of any relationship. Though you shouldn’t text him constantly after the break up and never ever stalk him, it’s very important to make him know that you cherished the relationship. Never play the blame game, instead reminisce the memorable moments and make him know by dropping a message or two. Tell him that you were eating at the restaurant where you first dined together and that you were missing him. It’s very important to make him aware that you want to forget the bitter things and want to start afresh. Pour out!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pull up your socks and make the right moves and be assured that he would come back to rekindle the romance! All the best!

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