Will He Ever Marry Me? How To Make Him Propose When He Is Unsure

Life is all about the decisions we make. The people we invest in, are the people who define us. Trust is a very delicate element of the human soul. Sometimes we are unsure as to how much we can trust someone. It is no wonder why so many people have trust issues. Many of us have felt the stab wound of betrayal. On the subject of marriage, we have been raised hearing about how sacred this ceremony is. Marriage is an eternal bond. It is something to be desired, having someone to ease the whips and scorns of time. You want to become a wife, but he is unsure. 

It is of the upmost importance to focus on winning his trust. How could he ever marry you if he doesn’t trust you? Let him know that you love him for who he is, not for what he has. Financial security should never come up in a discussion about getting married. He must know that you have his best interests at heart. Show him that you are fully capable of meeting his expectations as a wife. If you have any pressing issues, you must deal with them. He has to see that you are strong enough to pull through the trials of life. Any personal issues must be resolved before he will even consider marrying you.

Understand that he needs his space to make a decision this crucial. Do not urge him about the subject if it makes him feel uncomfortable. In the United States, many marriages end in divorce. He is probably aware of this statistic. That said, he needs time to come to a decision. Marriage isn’t something you can quit halfway down the road. Eventually, you two will grow old. There will come a time when you will not be as pretty as you once were. Your character will never dwindle however. Exemplify good character that will pass the test of time, and he will be on his knee for you in no time.

Have you remained completely faithful in the relationship? Because no man wants to be an unfaithful woman. His trust is the strongest foundation holding you two together. This is an insecurity all men deal with, wondering if their woman will remain faithful. Ease his insecurities, not only with words but with actions. Never act shady when dealing with other men in the work place or anywhere else. He will pick up on this if you have something to hide, he will find out.

Get in good terms with his family. If you have the support of his family, that will influence him greatly. A man’s mother holds more authority than the man himself. Show his mother that you are a class act. Go to dinner with his mother even if he is against the idea. Go shopping with his mother. His mother must be your friend if you ever hope to marry him! If he has siblings, hangout with them on holidays. Become not only a great addition to your man, but a great addition to his entire family!

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