What Can I Do To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back After I Pushed Her Away 2

When a relationship is still new, everything about it seems beautiful. There is never any argument or negative feelings about it. With time, some things begin to change, sometimes in a positive way and unfortunately sometimes in a negative way also. You may not even be aware of it, but the negativity slowly poisons your relationship to the point that it falls apart completely. But, that doesn’t mean that the relationship can not be rebuild and made stronger.

What can I do to get my ex girlfriend back after I pushed her away?

A breakup is not the end, it can even be a new beginning for many. Before you learn about the things to get her back, you should first be made aware of the things that you should not be doing that might push her further away from you.

To begin with, you should not contact her for a while and just let her be. There is a reason why so many relationship experts talk about the no contact rule, it’s because it’s highly effective and will greatly improve your chances of winning her love again. Calling her repeatedly even when she’s not picking up the phone, sending her hundred of text messages, begging her to come back or even stalking her are the things you should not be doing at any cost.

She left you because she couldn’t take it anymore. So, give her time and space to rethink about everything. By not respecting her decision, you’re putting yourself in a very bad position. Have patience and just let her be on her own for a while.

Maybe you’re scared that she’ll find someone else if you leave her alone and stop contacting her. If that’s the case, maybe you should rethink your decision of trying to get your ex girlfriend back. Would you really want to be with someone who forgets all the emotions so quickly and gets involved with someone else in a matter of days? Even if she really is seeing someone, it’s most probably a rebound relationship right after the breakup. Rebound relationships don’t usually work out, so you shouldn’t worry about that as well.

Now that you have somewhat cleared your mind from such futile worries, it’s time for you to figure out the actual reasons that pushed her away. If you can’t figure on your own, call her up (after some days of no contact) and have a mature conversation about it. She should not feel that you are desperate to get her back, just make her aware that your relationship was special to you and you want to figure out what went wrong exactly.

Without being rude, try to keep the conversations very brief and if you have realized your mistake, apologize sincerely. Even if she doesn’t forgive you immediately, don’t worry about it and give her the time she needs. She has to feel confident that you have accepted your mistakes and have matured into someone better.

Remember, she is not your girlfriend now, so if there is anything you didn’t like about her that you have always hesitated to tell her when you were together, now is the time to do so. She might even thank you for your honesty and may work towards improving herself too.

Also, do your homework and learn about the techniques to make her attracted to you and drastically improve your chances of getting her back.

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2 thoughts on “What Can I Do To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back After I Pushed Her Away

  • Billy Turner

    My ex girlfriend keeps blocking me and unlocking me.on what’s app other day i asked her how she was she said she was fine then yesterday I she said leave me alone don’t contact me again and delete my number I think I’ve pushed her away to much how can things get better any advise please

    • exnomore Post author

      Maybe you should consider applying the no-contact rule for some days to give her time and space alone. You will both benefit from this ‘alone time’ and you can take this opportunity to rethink your relationship.

      If you have broken up, you should no longer be treating her as a girlfriend but just a friend. Be careful about your words. Try to figure out what went wrong and talk it out after the no-contact period. If you can’t figure what went wrong wrong, maybe you should just ask her calmly as a friend.