How To Use Social Media To Win Back Your Ex

Social media have become an integral part of our daily lives since several years. Many couples exist thanks to social media. We have all heard stories of how two individual met online, talked for hours and hours and eventually met up to form a couple. People living miles have met online and realized they were each other’s soul mate. They end up traveling from one continent to another just to be with the ones they love. Isn’t that great? And you know another thing that’s great, couples who break up can also use social media to win back the ex.

Today, almost everyone has a profile on a social networking site and they use it to share details of their lives to their friends and family. If you have a profile too, certainly you must be sharing such things too. When you got in a relationship, the very first thing that you probably did when you got online was to change your relationship status. You wanted everyone to know it, isn’t it. But now that you have broken up, don’t rush to change it back to being single if you want to have a chance to win back your ex.

Your ex is probably eagerly waiting for you to change your status to single so he can convince himself that you have moved on and he can move on without feeling any guilt. If you don’t change your status, he will be confused and his head will be burning with all sorts of questions, and that’s exactly what you want. He will be curious to know what you are up to and may even get in touch with you again.

Another situation that may arise when you change your status to single is that your friends and family will try to cheer up by posting nasty comments about your ex. Your ex is not going to be happy when he sees such comments and his anger may push him further away. If such a situation arises, you should never talk bad about the ex, instead you should defend him to some extend, but don’t overdo. You must show that you are mature enough to handle the breakup without turning it into a mess.

When you make it official on social media that you are single again, you may start getting messages and comments from guys who will try to flirt with you. No matter what may have caused your breakup, your ex loved you and wouldn’t be happy seeing you flirt with other guys online just days after a breakup.

Do you still remember the good old days when you were still dating? What were the things about you that attracted him the most about you? Was it your intelligence? Was it your kindness towards animals? Whatever they were, make posts related to those on your profile, so that when he sees them he will remember why he fell in love with you. You can also put some cute pictures of yourself at places where you used to hang out together. He will start missing you and will realize your importance in his life.

You will also have to be very selective about the pictures you post and the frequency you post them. For example, if you rarely posted a picture to your profile, don’t suddenly start posting tens of pictures everyday, your ex will notice it. Always uses photos where you are looking fit, happy and having fun. Even if you look slightly sad in a photo, don’t post it. The same applies to the post you make, don’t post sad and depressive love quotes. Instead make postings and comments about how love can be strong and that if your love is true you should let it free and it will come, etc.

It is also very likely that you will be “stalking” your ex online too since it’s really so easy to do, but make sure your ex doesn’t notice. For example, you shouldn’t go and comment on everything he posts. Just try to be normal about everything. Maybe your ex will also be posting pictures of him having fun with friends, you shouldn’t let that bother you.

Above all, you must absolutely have a plan of action. For this, it is crucial that you understand basics of human psychology in the relationship. Without a proper plan, you may lose the only chance of getting your ex back through social media.

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