Top Ten Dirty Tricks To Get Back At Your Ex

A relationship may be considered the most valuable asset by partners who are deeply in love. Relationships are treasured so much, and it is a heartbreaking moment when one partner says “its over” to the other. To many people, this is always a traumatizing moment and some may be weak enough to commit something irreparable. Another percentage of people who after wiping off the last teardrop will re-collect themselves and try to win back their lost love. Some use the right methods, whereas others use cunning methods. This article focuses on some of the dirty tricks to get back at your ex.

  1. Change your attitude. Your ex knew what your tastes and preferences were. This is the time to prove her wrong. Make your standards too high for your ex to attain. This will make him or her strive to attain your new standards so that he/she can prove he/she is better off. In the process, he/she will end up giving in or liking your new standards.
  2. Disregard your ex intentionally. After a break up, both parties are emotionally hurt. Thus, ignoring your ex will make him/her even more hurt and try to seek your attention. In the process, your ex becomes crazier and will do anything to get your admiration.
  3. Accept openly to your ex that it is over. This is a strategy most commonly used by male counterparts. This is because; it leaves the other partner wondering whether there was not anything good they did in the relationship. Such people will always be willing to accept a second chance.
  4. Play the hard-to-get game. At times when a relationship comes to an end, one partner may be willing to resolve the issue. This is the best moment to prove that you are not easily manipulated. Whenever your ex makes a move,show disregard for him or her and make them believe that its only him/her who owes you an apology.
  5. Date another person as quickly as possible. It is the most hurting dirty trick to get back at your ex and especially when dating people close to him/her. The other partner becomes frustrated and is left wondering whether you cared about your relationship. Quick dating will show that people want to be with you. It is even worse when you date their friends. In such a case, they will be jealous and try any means to win you back.
  6. Start a social network war. Today, everybody is on the Internet. Therefore, take a lot of photos with other people including those close to your ex and upload them to your site, Facebook, Twitter and social networks preferably where your ex will come across them. Since he/she expects you to be sad, this will prove him/her wrong and remorseful.
  7. Become more social and busy. Becoming more social in terms of outgoing, will leave your ex with question marks for they may think they were holding you back from socializing. Being busy for them will make them feel ignored and thus try any means to regain your attention.
  8. Act very happy and satisfied. In a relationship, most people claim that their happiness depends on their partners. Therefore, if you continue being happy and acting normally after a break up, it hurts your ex, and in the process you win their attention.
  9. Fake it. It is widely known that stress caused by a break up can cause conditions such as high blood pressure. Therefore, if you fake it that their departure from your life has led to such complications, the other partner will be willing to come back to your life and make things right to prevent severe complications.
  10. Show a relief. Nothing is more hurtful than showing approval of an intention aimed to anger you. Since he or she has already shown you that they do not require you in their lives anymore, it is time to hit back. Show to them that by leaving they have created a breathing space for you and that you are happy being out of a nagging relationship. This might make them rethink their decisions.

Despite these dirty tricks to get back at your ex proving applicable and realistic, it is not advisable to apply them. It is good to note that to err is human. Therefore, do not apply these tactics to your ex, for you can also be in a similar situation. Before you let it go, listen to the still voice at the back of your mind.

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