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After a breakup, a relationship can drift in any direction. The two people involved can end up as friends, as lovers or part ways completely. Moving on can be quite hard and nothing stays the same after that. Sometimes, it can be hard to move on when your ex keeps giving you mixed signals, but in fact, these signals can be used to tell what his/her intentions are. Listed below are a few ways on how to know if your ex still has feelings for you.

Awkward calls and messages

If your ex still has feelings for you, he/she will make more calls and text you more than a regular friend. The ex will call to ask how you are doing or just to say goodnight. This is an indication that he/she still feels something for you and misses you.

Talking about memories

Does your ex remind you of the memories you shared together? If he/she keeps reminding you of the anniversary or the nice places you used to go to, then it may mean that the person is not over you.

Dating dilemma

When people have moved on from a relationship, they seek out new ones. If your ex avoids dating someone else for a long while, there is probably something emotional that is stopping him/her. Even if they do date someone and keep it from you so that they do not ‘hurt you’, that is also a good sign. It may mean that deep inside their heart, they still hope to get you back someday.

Trying to see you

If they still want to hang out with you or make an effort to see you regularly then they still have feelings for you. If he/she asks you to meet him or go to your favorite places then he/she still likes you.

When they won’t give back your stuffs

Your ex has your stuffs and won’t give them back? It simply shows they still want your presence around. They hang onto them so that you can go ask for them. This, they know, will give them a chance to see and talk to you.

Keeping in touch with family and friends after breakup

When your ex still talks to your family members or friends, then they are not over you. If they go about asking your friends about you and how you are doing, it only shows that they miss you and would want you back. If they call and you do not pick, then they call a friend, definitely they are still into you.


Whenever you meet, if your ex wants to maintain some physical touch, there is still hope for you to get back together. They may touch your arm, hand, knee or leg, proving their affection for you.

Trying to make you jealous

If he/she starts dating and makes a point of letting you know, then maybe all they are doing is trying to make you jealous. They let you know about it to see your reaction so that they can use it to get back with you.

When seeking out for these signs, make sure you do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of, use your best judgement to know if the signs are really out of love or desperation. Good luck.

Don’t give up on your relationship so easily.

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