What To Do To Stop My Boyfriend From Leaving Me

What is it that you have done? He has just suggested some time off the relationship, but you feel like he wants to cut ties. So you ask yourself, what can I do to stop my boyfriend from leaving me? It is common for relationships to experience a rough patch every now and then. However, if you sense that your boyfriend is not willing to mend fences and patch things up with you, then may be it is time that you take some drastic measures to keep your man by your side. The first thing that you should ask yourself is, what bruised your relationship? Was it you or was it a third party?

If you are the cause of the imminent break up, then start repairing the relationship from that point. Ask your boyfriend what it is that you did wrong and make a solemn promise to correct your wrongs. Did you cheat on him? If he found out, come clean and assure him that it was a moment of weakness. Ask him to forgive you, though it may take a while to build back trust. Take baby steps as you strive to restore lost trust. Then, do not give him reason to distrust you, ever again.

Men are known to be visual creatures, so to say. He is attracted to what he sees. Maybe, after dating your boyfriend for some time, you curled up in your comfort zone and forgot to take care of yourself. Your hair is a mess, your sense of style is out through the window, you look like a walking fashion disaster! This simple reason could make your boyfriend lose interest in you because you are no longer appealing to him. He may even leave you because of this. What to do? Give his eyes a feast! Subtle seduction never killed anyone. Go out of your way and bring back the sparkle to your relationship. Need him, care for him, listen to him and then love him, wildly.

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