Seducing Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Not A Good Idea Unless You Actually Want Him Back

Girls can be so complicated some times. Often after a breakup, especially when the boy has dumped the girl, the girl gets so heart broken that she wants to seek revenge by seducing her ex-boyfriend and try to make him miserable by dumping him again. It’s just not worth it. This could become a never-ending game, where each person will try to make the other more miserable.

The breakup has happened, so accept it and move on. Moving on doesn’t always has to be without your ex-boyfriend, it just means moving on from the breakup. Unless you really want him back, seducing your ex-boyfriend is not advisable. But if you are still in love and you want to have a second chance with him, letting him go isn’t a good idea either. Many couples have got back together after their relationships have failed, why not you? They were not lucky, they did the right things at the right time to mend the relationship again and make it stronger than it was initially.

Are you aware of the steps to take to get him back? It’s somewhat ironic that relationships are the most important parts of our lives and yet we study almost nothing about them at school. Life would probably be easier and people would be happier if “Relationships” was taught as a subject. There are indeed so many books, even courses, out there to learn how to handle your emotional life. But it’s not easy to find the right piece that suits your situation.

Only you know what’s best for you. Some of your friends and family will tell you that you should not try to be back with him and that he is not worth you. Others will tell you that you will not find someone like him again and you should seduce him back in your life. No one is actually wrong, but the real answer lies deep inside your heart. On the other hand, you are very much shattered after a breakup and you can’t think straight. So, it’s better you keep your mind busy and do things that make you happy. Now that you don’t have a boyfriend to spend time with, start that hobby you always wanted to.

While you do things that keeps you happy, pay special attention to your looks as well. If you look good, you will feel good. And if ever you decide to go ahead with the seduction part, your new looks will be a great advantage. Take some time to redo your wardrobe and maybe have a new haircut. You could also spend more time with your friend, you can go to parties without having a boyfriend always inquiring about what you are upto. You are single once again, so act like it.

After a while, when you feel that you are thinking more rationally, then you can decide if seducing your ex-boyfriend is a good idea or not. And if you decide to go ahead with it, it’s really not that hard to win back your ex.

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