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Manipulation is an age old tactic used by women to get what they want. It never gets old, and very few people have escaped it. Consequently, women have perfected this art to the point of not even be able to tell that you are being manipulated when it is obviously evident that you are being manipulated.

Many women have been in relationships that lead to a dead end. You have probably dated the same man for several years, even lived together, and you have done everything you believe a girlfriend should do to keep her boyfriend happy. But that same boyfriend will never propose to you even when you are clearly hinting him that it is time the relationship takes a next step. Your boyfriend will then claim that he’s not ready for a next step, and you are faced with the choice of staying and waiting longer for something you are clearly unsure about, or walking away to start afresh throwing the few years of hard work and commitment you have poured into that dead end relationship.

So many women have ended up in this bitter situation, but there are a few ways to see to it that your boyfriend, be he old or new, gets that ring around your finger.

One way to manipulate your boyfriend is to spend a lot of time together with happily married couples. This is a very subtle hint that you will be throwing at him, he will be seeing the married couples, happy with children and think about the possibility of having a life like that with you. In addition to that, most of the couples will be asking the both of you if you are ever planning to get married, and it may be a bit hard for someone to out rightly say no to such a question.

Another way is to create dependency, make him depend on you unknowingly. You could service his car regularly then suddenly stop, you could make him home cooked meals every three days of the week then suddenly stop. He will be left wondering what is going on and will be left seeing how hard life would be without you. Those little things that you do for him and he somehow takes it for granted will have him thinking that he wants that for the rest of his life.

You should talk about future expectations and what it is you expect out of the relationship. This way, he will know that you expect to be married at the end of the day so he will not have the luxury of wasting your time. Couples who do not talk about their expectations rarely have something to look forward to; the guy doesn’t feel like there is any need for further commitment.

Other women have been known to suggest major life changes such as moving to other cities in pursuit of boosting their careers but in the real sense, they are just creating a situation that will make their boyfriends see the seriousness of the situation and try to make the relationship stronger by proposing marriage.

Whenever you do something, even if you know that it is wrong and you are later caught, say sweetly that you did it for the sole purpose of pleasing him. Make him realize that you put his happiness first and that you would do anything to see him happier and comfortable at all time.

Last but not least is providing an ultimatum. This may sound entirely wrong, and it may not go as expected, but it has worked more often than not. This is especially applicable in situation where your boyfriend claims to not being ready to take that step. Rori Raye, author of best selling eBook Have the Relationship You Want, said that she gave her husband of now twenty five years an ultimatum. When he told her he wasn’t ready to get married, and that his therapist said that if she truly loved him she would wait for him to be ready, she was severely heartbroken. After careful thinking, she realized that as much she didn’t want to lose him, she had to tell him that he could take as much time as he needed, but he couldn’t have her for himself. She proceeded to treat herself to a nice weekend, and remind herself that she also had her own life besides her relationship. Two weeks later, her boyfriend showed up with a wedding ring and proposed to her! Showing him what he could lose because of his fear may just jolt him into the realization he is blind to!

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