Recover From A Breakup With These 10 Inspiring Rules 2

We all know it too well how much going through a breakup is painful and depressing. You have invested all your time and energy in building your relationship and one day everything is over. You are totally shattered, it’s like you don’t want to do anything in your life. Honestly speaking, it’s all your fault that you let yourself be in this situation. Now it’s all in your hands to change your situation by following the 10 rules to recover from a breakup.

Rule #1

You have to understand that you were wrong to focus all your time and energy in your relationship. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. You shouldn’t have stopped practicing your hobbies. You shouldn’t have stopped seeing your friends. So, now it’s the time to get back to your hobbies and start going with your old friends.

Rule #2

If you want to be happy, be fit and healthy. Even if you don’t have any weight issue, just hit the gym. While you’re busy exercising, you won’t be thinking about all the depressing breakup stuffs and you might also make some new friends.

Rule #3

There is no need to be desperate about rebuilding your relationship with your ex now. Time is a great healer, and so you must be patient. Maybe you’re thinking if you waste time, he might fall in love with someone else. Are you sure you want to be with someone who falls in love again so quickly after a bad breakup? If he is just seeing someone, that’s fine. You still have all your chances of getting him back.

Rule #4

Where did you go wrong? Why did he breakup? These are the questions that are bothering you, right? Then, don’t bother. Asking yourself such questions is just going to pull you down. You just need to accept what happened. Sure you need to address the issues in your relationship, but that’s only constructive if you are getting back together. Now is not the time for it.

Rule #5

Sleep deprivation is your worst enemy. It’s one of the cause of stress and depression. Your body needs to sleep so you can get rid of all the garbage in your mind. Avoid medications where possible and try natural ways to fall asleep at night, like taking a hot shower or reading a (boring) book.

Rule #6

The worst thing that you can do to yourself during this period is watching romantic or breakup movies. You will soon start relating yourself to the characters and you’ll be feeling the same way too. Just watch some action or suspense movie instead. The same applies for songs as well, avoid love songs.

Rule #7

Revenge is not a solution. It’s very likely that you were hurt by your ex, but if you try to seek revenge by going out with your ex’s friend, that’s definitely a bad idea. You might even lose any chance of getting back with your ex ever again. It’s probably best for you to stay away from his friends and family or just anything that reminds you of him.

Rule #8

You need to realize that you are now single again and you must live that moment. Consider yourself lucky to have that opportunity once again in your life. So many people are in a relationship that they forget completely how it feels to be single and carefree. No one is going to tell you to do this or that, you can do what your heart desires. Enjoy!

Rule #9

When was the last time you changed your looks? If it was long enough, maybe it’s time to change your wardrobe, your hairstyle, your glasses and everything else again. When you look at yourself you should see a new you.

Rule #10

Assess all the good and bad things about your ex. Like it has been said since forever, no one is perfect. Everyone has their pros and cons, and you have to figure out those about your. If you are going to try getting him back in your life, it is crucial that you know if he is worth it or not.

Now that you have read these 10 inspiring rules to recover from a breakup, it’s time to get in action and put everything that you learnt here in practice. Remember, nothing comes easy in life, if you want something you have to go get it.

If you want to get your ex back, you can. You need to plan ahead though. Un planned actions can mess all your hard work.


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