What did your ex tell you before breaking up? Did he elaborate on the real reason why he is leaving? Probably not! Like most people, he probably used one of the generic breakup lines, such as: It's not you, it's me. We are not compatible. We are so different from […]

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Valentine's Day is a very special occasion for most people in relationships. If you are single on this day, there is a great chance you may end up feeling very lonely. This is why a lot of people look for guidance when it comes to contacting their exes on this special […]

Should I Contact My Ex On Valentine’s Day?

Some breakups are amicable while others suck big time. Sometimes, one person will be left hurt, crying, and thinking of a quick way out of the miseries. After splitting, some people might decide to remain as "friends", but quite often one person, especially the girl, will start acting mean and […]

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The breakup has left you completely shattered and yet you still want your ex back, because you're still in love. Surely the thought of making him jealous by dating him someone else so he will come back back must have crossed your mind. In fact, it is completely natural that […]

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If you are reading this article it means that you have been shattered with an unwanted end of your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. So you still love your ex? And you want him or her back in your life? Well, we are going to tell you about a […]

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We are all at a loss when it comes to knowing how we should behave around our exes. The situation can be trickier when that ex happens to get a job in the same company as you. The emotional and psychological effects of breaking up with that person will be […]

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It always seems like you still have so much to say to your ex after the breakup, whether you want to vent more anger, cry about the memories you made together or even try to convince him to come back. There is so much you want to say, yet your […]

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You broke up with your boyfriend some time ago, but you still love him and you have high hopes that everything will be alright and you will be back together again. But now you get to know that your ex went on a date with someone. Suddenly the hope of […]

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Any kind of relationship between two parties is important. Apart from importance, some relationships are beautiful, never-ending, chaotic, and some can be complicated, just like a love relationship. While some think that love is blind, others are more rational, and think twice before getting into a love affair. While it’s […]

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Your partner broke up with you, shattered your heart in a million pieces and hurt you so much. The one person who cared so much for you in the past now doesn't seem care that you have been hurt badly. No matter how much you cried, he didn't return to […]

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