It hurts a lot when you go through a breakup. It hurts even more when you see your ex boyfriend with some other girl just days or weeks after the breakup. You would then find yourself asking if he already moved on and found himself a new girlfriend. In such […]

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I really felt hopeless when my boyfriend and I broke up. I never wanted the relationship to end, but it did and then I wanted it all back. We had yet another fight and this time, he just turned his back and left, slamming the door behind him. I thought […]

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Your separation must have been so painful and deeply engraved in your heart that you still feel a strong urge to win your ex back. This is a positive attribute in you that shows you truly value your ex to this day. While you might have read all articles and […]

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Are you looking to rekindle that romantic relationship flame between you and your lover? There must be lots of conversations in your mind about all you have both been through and how it all ended up. Now you are not sure of what to do but somewhere a voice keeps […]

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It's been a while since you broke up with your ex over a stupid reason. You both realized it and you still believe that you are meant to be together, but none of you seems to be taking the first step for getting back together. Even though you come across […]

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What you are going to learn in this article is no rocket science and you won't also need a degree in psychology to master the tricks. In fact, these triggers or "mind tricks" has been inside us forever. Many times, broken couples have used them unknowingly and managed to rebuild […]

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This situation is very common among working professionals whereby one decides to end a relationship due to too much stress at work, or the relationship becomes a hindrance to their job. In this case, the problem needs to be resolved on both the professional and personal/emotional side. If it seems […]

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A romantic relationship can be long-lasting, but not always perfect. Occasional breakups can arise and picking up the pieces should be the next task. Premature reconciliations however come as a spoiler for the less patient people. Many people have come to believe that there is a particular man somewhere meant […]

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There is nothing worse than seeing your ex lover flaunt his new catch around. However long it is after the breakup, it brings on one of the most unpleasant emotions ever. It is especially hard if you hope to get back together with them. Here are some useful tips on […]

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When it comes to getting your ex (lover) back, you definitely don't want to rely solely on luck to make it happen. Of course, if you sit down and think about it, you will surely come up with a couple of ways to get back with an ex. But, are […]

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