Overcome Your Fear Of Breaking Up With These Effective Tricks

Fear is a major obstacle which leads to a person’s failure or success. The funny part about this is that fear doesn’t even exist in real. Yes! That’s right. Fear isn’t real. We can be regretful about the past which is gone; the present is now which is not that scary. So where does the fear lie? It lies only in the future.

We can only be fearful about the future, which therefore robs us from our real life. Fear robs the goodness of our present. Fear creates distortion of reality. Fear makes the problems look bigger than what they actually are and it hampers our capability to tackle them. As better things happen in life, we get into the fear of losing them. One of major fear among people is the “Fear of breaking up”.

We all fall in love at some point of time. Love can happen to anyone at any time. We go singing all day, love makes life beautiful. But what makes it ugly is the breakup, isn’t it? Or it’s we who makes it look bad? Love comes with a package: good and bad. The union makes our life busy and beautiful .We keeps a watch on everything we eat and wear. It’s all good till the evil end happens: The Breakup.

But is the breakup really something that can break you up? The answer is NO.

Breakup happens when two people really don’t find any more good reasons to be with each other. And that is the time when we say bye bye to the relationship and cherish the good memories. A relationship is like life. Live it to the fullest and make the best out of it, never regret later. Life shows us good, bad and even worse things. It makes us feel awesome. And sometimes it makes us go through the toughest times.

We cherish all the good things in life and let go of the things that are not in our hands. Love should be selfless. Love someone just for the sake of loving and never be insecure about the person you love. Here is a list of fun and fabulous time filling activities that can make you feel good.

Spending time alone.

Always try to spend time alone, so you will never fear being alone. The fear of never meeting someone often comes up after a breakup, so you must never fear ending up alone. In all cases, it’s better being alone that being with the wrong person. You should not live with these emotions. These emotions are not real and you should get over them. Don’t run away from these emotions, face them and overcome them. Then you will realize that this is all part of the healing process.

Love yourself. Become a NEW YOU.

Surprise everyone with a new you. Grooming is the best thing you can do to yourself when you are feeling low. Join a gym or yoga classes. If all that makes you sound boring, why don’t you join dance classes? Maybe salsa. You never know you may even make new friends in the process. A funky haircut, beautiful dress can also make you feel good. Keep your mind busy with all the good things as much as you can. Do whatever you love doing and enjoy to the fullest.

Divine connect.

Visit places that give you peace and harmony, like a church, temple or mosque. Meet and talk to new people who can make you feel that real life is much more than just a breakup. Visit orphanages and old age homes. These places will make you feel that love is divine and loving someone selflessly is above all. Connect to your inner self and have faith in yourself and God. Love will find its way. Don’t go in search of love, let love find you.

Make new friends.

Socializing is another trick for boosting up your confidence. Meet new people around and make new friends. Plan trips to new places. New places and new friends make things better and will make life beautiful. You will always have something new to talk about and they make you feel loved all over again.

Never be afraid of anything in life. Open your mind and soul to everything that comes in your way. Life is a blessing and remember, love can happen anytime with anyone.

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