How To Mend Your Relationship On Your Own

A relationship is not just a relation with someone, it’s much more. We talk about a relation enchanted with love and emotional feelings. A successful relationship happens if only there is mutual respect and love for each other. This is usually a sweet feeling but you should realize that every relationship must have ups and downs and it’s therefore it is the responsibility of each of you to deal with every situation in a mutual way.

How do you feel when your partner has frustrated you? And what happens when things are not going alright? Many people get bitter with their partners at such times and wish to let go of the relationship. Some feel like the world has come to an end while others completely despair. Well, this is not how it should be. You must find ways of mending the detached or loose strings in your relationship. But how do you do that? The following are some tips of how you can mend your relationship on your own.

Don’t Blame Each Other

When a relationship is in crisis, everyone claims that the other is to blame. It’s time you understand that blame game in a relationship just worsens the situation and it doesn’t help. So stop the blame, analyse the situation, get to know what really happened and figure out how to solve it.

Communicate With Your Partner

Proper communication is the key to a successful relationship. When you are having problems with your partner, instead of keeping quiet and let it consume you, talk to your partner. Take him out to a cool place. Talk out things under neutral conditions. Ask him what he wants, let him make it clear what he expects from you. Tell him how he has been offending you. Look into past disagreements, scrutinize your own shortcomings , acknowledge how you have offended your partner then come to a mutual agreement on how to avoid such things happening again.

Listen To You Partner

After you have agreed to talk things out with your partner, do not be in a rush to butt in while your partner is talking. Be a good listener. Stay calm and relaxed and listen what your lover has on his sleeves for you. Even if you feel you need to justify something, just be patient and wait for your time. Patience pays and listening is an important virtue.


Does it really cost anyone anything to say sorry? A simple SORRY word actually works miracles. Saying sorry to each other is probably the ultimate solution to your woes. This simple word makes your partner see how humbled you are and calms down his/her anger. This then puts both of you in a calm position for talking things out.

Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is a vital virtue, so forgive the mistakes that your partner has committed. A relationship has to be flexible and it’s by forgiveness that we achieve that flexibility. Human beings are prone to making mistakes. Instead of condemning them, we should forgive them because maybe the next time it will be you pleading for forgiveness. Remember, forgiving comes hand in hand with forgetting. Once you forgive your partner, be willing to forget and never raise it again in the future.

The above tips will guide you in mending your relationship. So now you know them, stop your old styles of solving issues in your relationship. Implement the above now ones. Don’t wait for angels to come and solve your own problems. You are the only one who can make your relationship work, Be the driver of your relationship, as well as the doctor of your relationship. Mend your relationship on your own.

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