Meeting Up With An Ex Boyfriend? Don’t Miss This Chance Of Getting Him Back 2

It’s been a while since you broke up and now you’re meeting up with an ex boyfriend. Maybe you got some things that you need to give him back or you just want to clear some things up. Well, if you want to get him back, this is your chance, don’t let it go. By reading this article, you will understand some interesting concepts that you can apply on your first post-breakup meeting to increase your chances of getting him back.

First of all, I hope you have not been nagging him with unwanted phone calls and text messages. Giving him his space is very important, so that he can get his mind right. It’s okay if you did this mistake though, but from now on, till your next meeting, don’t do it. You have to keep your calm, showing how desperate you are is only going to make things worse for you.

So, for your first post-breakup meeting, you’ve got to be a calm and confident girl. Someone who feels good and is always positive. Show your ex boyfriend that you have taken the breakup positively. Being calm, confident and positive is still not enough to help you get him back, you’ve got to be smart as well. Smartness is very important to conquer back his love, without letting him realize it for a single moment.

Your priority during this meeting is to make sure there is a possibility that you will meet up again. For example, if you went to return his things, tell him that you kept some stuffs because you have some good memories associated with them. This will show him that you still feel something for him and at the same time, if you ever need to meet up again, you can tell him that you have more things to return to him.

If you’re just meeting up your ex boyfriend to talk about things, and you see that things are not going too well during your conversation, just tell him that you have to go somewhere but you have more things to say and you would like to meet up again some time. So, the next time you see him, you can be more prepared to handle the situation. He will also be left wondering what more you have to tell him, he will get curious and will probably want to meet you himself.

Remember to take care of your looks, you have to look at your best. Looks can convey a lot to your ex and sometimes make him intrigued. The more he thinks about you the better. Always be happy and smiling when you are talking to him, but don’t overdo, otherwise it will become obvious to him. Just be normal, as if you have never broken up. That day, you will have to bring up only the good memories about your relationship.

You must avoid arguments at all costs. Even if he says something wrong that hurts you, stay calm that day. Try to imagine yourself in those situations, and make your mind ready for them. Consider this your only chance and if you want to be back with him, go fully prepared to win him back.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Up With An Ex Boyfriend? Don’t Miss This Chance Of Getting Him Back

  • Emily

    I’m meeting up with my ex for the first time since we broke up a little over a month ago to exchange a few things. I’m really nervous and am hoping to talk to him a little I’d even like to maybe go eat and set in person face to face and talk a little only about good things catching up how should I go about that or do that?

    • exnomore Post author

      Hi Emily,

      The article fits in your situation completely. Just show up as a new and better person. If you have been in a mess after breaking up, there is no need of bringing that topic up on this first post-breakup meeting.

      One smart thing you can do to increase your chances of meeting up again is to end the day with a mystery. That will leave him wanting to know more and you can just tell him that you are in a rush and you’ll tell him the rest of the story the next time you catch up.

      All the best