How To Know If Your Relationship Is Worth Saving?

Just like life, there is no one relationship which is 100% perfect. If you are dating someone, always expect your relationship to have some bumps on the way. However, when these bumps become regular or they turn into roadblocks, it’s good to take a step back and observe your relationship so that you can decide if it is worth to continue on. Here are a few questions which can help you to answer the question, “how to know if your relationship is worth saving?”.

How is the communication in your relationship?

The first thing you need to look at before deciding whether to save your relationship is the communication between the two of you. Does he or she meet your communication needs? You may prefer to be texted every now and then or even being called more often and less texted. Regardless of your needs, your partner should be able to meet them. If you are never happy because your partner takes hours before responding to your messages, or even goes for a week without calling you, make your requirements clear and try to reach an agreement. If it does not work, then it’s time to rethink your relationship.

Are you in love?

There is a big different between lukewarm feelings and fierce in love feelings when it comes to relationship. If you are in love with one another even with a few problems, you will want to save the relationship. But if those feelings are not present, it’s highly likely that one of you will start searching for the exit door from your relation. If there is no feeling, you better start to admit to yourself that you are not in love because you cannot force it.

Do you have fun together?

Do you remember the last time you had fun together? You might want to save your relationship if you still enjoy when you are together. However, if it feels stale, and no one want to make an effort to spice things up, re-think about the reason why you want to stay in this union. You should have more good times when you are together than bad ones.

What is your relationship like?

There are certain elements which are important in a relationship so that you can be happy together. Ask yourself whether your union has respect, loyalty, trust, commitment and honesty. These are the pillars of all good relationships. If your relationship doesn’t have any one of these elements, then you might be in a doomed relationship.

How are your problems?

Think about the problems which you are faced with. Are they minor problems which you can fix with a little effort? Or are they emotionally life draining problems which are difficult to handle? Additionally, consider how much effort your partner is willing to give in order to fix the problems.

How do you work when you are together?

Some relationships look okay but when problems arise, they become very messy. If you are able to work out well with your partner, then you may hang on to this story as long as possible. Couples who are in love are able to work well together in good or bad times and even support one another during the time of problems. If you feel that you can get through anything with your partner, it is certainly worth saving your relationship.

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