Know What A Guy Wants To Win Back His Love

Often in a relationship, a guy and a girl want different things. The difference in opinions might result in a breakup but you should not get disappointed. We will try to ease your pain and decipher the anatomy of the male expectations in this article. Let us know what a guy wants:

1. It is important to allow freedom and space in the relationship. This is one of the basic need of a guy when he is in a relationship. He does not want you to be covering his back 24/7. You have to understand the fact that he is an individual too and there might be few things that he wants to do without you. If you really know your guy, you would let him free in case he requests so.

2. He loves sports and gadgets the way you love shopping. Yes, this is very true. Just the way you want him to understand when you take hours to shop, you have to understand that he loves watching sports too. This is a masculine thing and comes naturally to him. If you don’t actually love the sports, even then just sit down and snuggle with him to keep him company. He would love that about you and occasionally you could do a little homework trying to find out more about his favorite team. Trust me, he would be pleasantly surprised to know and would feel how much you care for him. This might even result in a romantic night.

3. He can have girls as friends. Just like you have friends and guy friends, he can also have girl friends. You should not pester him or spy on him day and night to know his whereabouts. Start trusting him.

4. Don’t talk in riddles and speak what you actually mean. This is one of the toughest job for a guy to decipher what you actually mean when you say something. For guys, if they say no, they actually mean no. If you say maybe, it doesn’t mean a no. You have to be clear when talking to him.

5. Men love surprises! Everyone loves surprises and men love surprises too. He has been so loving and faithful all his life and now it’s your turn to show him that you care. Once in a while, do shower him with surprises if you really want to win his love.

6: Kiss, make out, have fun! Yes, men love touching, kissing and having fun. They will never say no to this. Try to find your man’s fantasy and try to fulfill them as a surprise. Try wearing your sexiest lingerie, try role-plays and new things to re-kindle the fire in you. Most of the time, this is one of the best ways to get him back.

Remember, it’s not rocket science to know what a guy wants. All you need to do is give him a little freedom and bring out the naughtiness in you and you will see that he will come kneeling at you. Always remember, women are the creator of men and no men can resist an understanding, lovely and sexy woman.

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