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After a breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend you will feel sad, especially when you know you’re the reason for the breakup. And you will keep on asking yourself why things went wrong so fast. After wrapping the relationship, it is more than normal that you will find yourself sitting down and starting to think aloud about what went wrong. Sometimes you will imagine that the breakup was very trivial but vital, probably just needing some space away from each other. You might find yourself wanting to get your ex back and wishing if you could have set things right in the first place, maybe the breakup would not have occurred. You will also see clearly, maybe it was your ego or your anger that ruined your relationship. But no need to worry because after going through the following steps, you will find yourself in a position to lure your ex back to you, especially when you’re still in love with him/her.

Take the breakup positively

When you were still dating, you must have complained lots of time, especially during your fights, on how much you really needed some space. So now that you have broken up, make it a must that you take it positively and believe that it’s the break you were in need for. So, make it a blessing in disguise and think on a better way to rebuild your relationship more strong.

Try to stay away and out of sight

Staying away from your ex include things like no visiting, no text messages and no phone calls. Just stay away! This will help you in two ways. If you held a position in your ex’s life and if he had built some routine together with you, your ex will start feeling your absence all the time and will want to reach you whatever be the current situation you both are in. He/she will start missing you and will definitely want you back. The second reason why you should keep off is that, keeping away will give you a golden chance to know how your ex can cope without you. Does he/she move on easily or is she/he reconsidering the relation you two had? Give your ex and yourself ample time to think whether it will be a good option for the two of you to get back together. Don’t force yourself contacting your ex fast because doing that might confirm to you about his/her decision of not being with you and you’ll get hurt.

Don’t spy or stalk on her/him

When you start stalking and spying on your ex every now and then you’ll just draw him/her away however much he/she still loves you. You will show your ex that you’re insecure and that he/she matters a lot in your life. The best thing to do during a breakup period is to divert your anger, sorrows, disappointment and energy into something beneficial and admirable that your ex will tend to appreciate and value your achievement.

Put a smile on your face

Do yourself a favor by putting some smile on your face. Try spending your lonely time doing those things you value and enjoy most. Spend most of your time with family and friends and show your ex that you’re actually capable of living a happy and peaceful life without him/her. The key of this point is to brag or show your ex that you’re still the happiest, the confident and the positive person she/he met and fell in love with. If you appear to be depressed and miserable to your ex then definitely, your ex will not want to have you back in his/her life as no one wants a loser and a depressed partner by his/her side. Enjoy your own life by hanging out with your good friends.

Try to become unforgettable

To make sure your ex still thinks of you, try as possible to be “the unforgettable one”. The easiest way you can achieve this is by ensuring that you look better, hotter, sexier and more fashionable than you have ever looked before in your entire life. Make him/her jealous about you, you can get new hairstyle, do some upgrade on your wardrobe, hit the gym and be in good shape. Get your teeth treated to a sparkle and just do anything possible to make you look hot and ensure you never leave the house before you shine up. By doing this you will make a lasting imprint on your ex’s mind if she/he meets you on the street because all of us like those who look attractive. So getting hot and appealing can change you completely in the eyes of your ex.

Endeavor to say only nice things about your ex

If you’re hanging out with your friends don’t over tarnish the name of your ex or say horrible things about him/her just because you’re not together anymore. Where he/she was good give him/her a mark, don’t attack your ex-lover and never say something awful about him/her which is untrue. Remember, no one wants to hear bad things said about them. So keeping the name of your ex clean no matter what, will draw him/her near and probably back to you.

If your ex suggests that you two be good friends, accept it, but don’t show him/her that you’re too excited. If you do this, then the dinner parties, coffee or tea meetings will soon follow. But in all, you should stop conveying to your ex that you’re available all the time for any invitation. Decline some of your ex invitations from time to time to show how you’re very busy and have your own life to live and manage.

When you put these steps into good use whenever you’re going through a breakup with someone you still love and want back, then you will definitely lure him/her back to you so that you can start afresh from where you left.

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  • Alexis

    This is good, but you should stay distant. When he texts you first take an hour or two to text him back. He will be wondering what you’re doing.