How To Get My Ex Boyfriend To Start Dating Me Again

Going through a breakup is normal, it happens to almost every loving couple in the world. In fact, if you never had bad times in your relationship, that would probably be abnormal. Now that you have broken up, just let it be. You can’t rewind the clock and change the past, so don’t waste your energy thinking about it. Something obviously went wrong, but if you sit in your corner alone and keep thinking, you will come up with reasons that are not true. It’s better you meet up with your ex and talk about it.

Use the breakup as an excuse to meet your ex boyfriend.

There is no need to be desperate and beg your ex to meet you one last time to clear things ups. This doesn’t work, and will more likely convince him that he did the right thing by leaving you. Instead, use the breakup itself as excuse to meet you. Tell him you have got things to clear up and that you can’t talk about it on the phone. You must build some curiosity in him so that he would agree. It doesn’t matter if you are not meeting at a romantic place, at least you can meet your ex boyfriend again after the breakup.

Plan your conversation.

Now you can be smart and plan your conversation to engage him totally in whatever you have to say. But then, don’t say everything. Make an excuse and leave, so you can have a chance to have another meeting with me to complete what you have to say.

What you must realize is that what you are going to talk to him is not as important as what you have to show to him. You have at least two chances to show him the girl he liked and fell in love with. There must be no arguing at all in these two meetings, no matter how hard it is for you. Let your ex tell you whatever bitter things he want. If you love him, you must absolutely not reply back, talk calmly or avoid such sensitive topics.

After the post-breakup meetings.

After these two post-breakup meetings, your ex boyfriend will probably be thinking about you and missing the one he fell in love with. If everything went well, he will probably contact you again. Bear in mind that the breakup has made your relationship with him very shaky and because you are the one reading about this, you are the one who must be more careful and understanding if you to get back your ex boyfriend.

When your ex does ask you to go on a date with him, I know you will be very happy and excited, and that will be the greatest thing. However, don’t show this excitement to him, just be cool and normal.

Before you can apply all these steps in your situation, you must set yourself in place first. Feeling low, desperate and shattered is only going to make things worse. You must be well prepared, do some research before you attempt anything.

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