How To Get My Ex Back When He Just Wants To Be Friends

So, you have broken up, but you’re still on good terms with your ex. That’s a great thing even if he just wants to be friends. You are miles ahead of couples who have broken up and lost contact with each other completely.

Staying friends with him is not an option for you because you want him as your lover, that why you keep asking yourself ‘how to get my ex back when he just wants to be friends’. Forget about that question completely for some time. Stressing your mind about it is not going to help at all. You will need to get up and take actions.

Maybe you have already asked him to be your boyfriend again, but he keeps insisting on just being friends. What else did you expect? Why would he come back to the same person he broke up with? Did you bring any changes in you to convince him? He doesn’t want the same old you. Of course, you are the same girl he loved, but over time some things may have changed and at some point he could not take it anymore and left.

One of the very first changes you need to make is that you should learn to respect his decisions. If he has decided to only be friends with you for now, respect that and don’t force him to change his decision by pestering him. Allow him the time he needs to reflect on his relation with you. On the other hand, you should also be taking your decisions on your own, no need to always ask for his advice or even making him aware of your choices.

Since he just wants to be friends, and you probably don’t meet up with your friends everyday, you should do the same with him as well. Without being rude or arrogant in your behavior, he should realize that you don’t really need him to live on with you life. Just treat him like a normal friends, while making him feel the distance that has been created between the two of you. He should feel the drastic changes in a relation from lovers to friends. That’s how he will start missing your love for him.

Now is also the best time for you to hang out with all those old friends with whom you lose contact. Spending quality with your friends will help you forget the sorrows of your breakup, improve your self esteem and dignity. From now on, whatever you do, you should aim to increase your value from your ex’s point of view.  If you wanted to get fit and in shape, now is the time for it. If you wanted to change your style, do it now.

After bringing all the positive changes in you, work towards becoming the girl he first fell in love with, but this time, with many more improved features. How is he gonna be able to resist you now? He will be completely attracted towards you once again. When you notice his renewed interest in you, it’s time for you to hang out with him more often and bring up conversations about the memories you created as lovers. Make sure to avoid arguments at any cost. If he starts talking about conflicts that caused the breakup, tell him how the issue could have been resolved instead.

Slowly and gradually, the love will come back. And when the love comes back, friends will become lovers in no time.

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