How To Convince A Man To Love You Again In 7 Steps

Thousands of people around the world have been able to reunite with their ex-lovers, so why not you? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or use any kind of magic potion to convince a man to love you again. All you need to have is a good understanding of your relationship and basic human psychology (which you are already aware of, you just need to learn how to use it to your advantage). So let’s begin with our step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Before anything else, you must figure out if you really deserve to be back with your man. Sometimes, people want to fix a broken relationship, when in fact they are better off being apart. Even if they did get back together, the relationship probably would break up again. You are the only person who can decide that for you, neither your family nor your friends can decide that for you. No one knows your relationship better than yourself. So, is it the best thing that ever happened to you or do you have any regrets?

Step 2:

Do you know the actual reason of the breakup? Chances are that whatever reason he may have told you is not the actual reason, or even worse, maybe he just used a generic line like “it’s not you, it’s me” to end your union. Therefore, you must dig deep to find the true reason, that needs to be fixed before you you try to convince him to come back. Make a list of all the possibilities you can think of, and if you can’t decide which one is the real cause, better try and change as many as you can. Of course, don’t just change thinks just for the sake of getting your man back, you must want to change too.

Step 3:

As you still as attractive to him as when you were first dating each other? After a while of being in a relationship, some women lose interest in looking good because of other responsibilities, and that can result in the man losing the attraction he initially had. If he ever commented about how other women looked good, he was more likely giving you hints that you need to work on your wardrobe. Another indication of this is whether he has been complementing you about your looks recently.

Step 4:

How did it all go whenever you had a chance to talk with each other recently? It most like ended in arguments and screaming at each other. If that’s the case, he is going to get sick and tired and will eventually try to avoid you. That will certainly not help you to convince a man to love you again. So, stop the arguments at all cost. even if your ex raises his voice, try to keep your calm. Be nice and polite, keep your conversations short and avoid heated topics.

Step 5:

If your man comes back to you, he certainly would want someone who have matured after this experience. Therefore, avoid childish behaviors, such as blaming him for everything. Grow up and assume responsibility for your actions. Handle conversations in a more mature manner.

Step 6:

Always keep your dignity intact, if you lose your dignity, you lose value. No matter how you may be feeling after the breakup, never show any negative emotions to your ex partner. Emotions and actions such as being needy and desperate to get back with your ex are going to do the opposite of what you want. Don’t apologize for anything and everything, when it was not all your fault, because then the man will believe that he has the control and getting back with you (if he wants that too) will no longer be a priority for him. What you must do is, make it clear to him that he held an important position in your life, without losing your dignity.

Step 7:

Although this might sound contrary to what you are trying to achieve, keep some distance from him and avoid calling or staying in touch too often, even if you’re afraid he might find someone else. Chances of him getting in a serious relationship right after a breakup is quite low. Give a man his space and don’t do the mistake of treating him like a puppy. Even when in the relationship, both parties should have equal rights at taking important decisions. Decisions should not be imposed on each other, it’s not healthy for a relationship.

Last but not least, convince a man to love you again, not by saying it directly, but by making him feel it!

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