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I really felt hopeless when my boyfriend and I broke up. I never wanted the relationship to end, but it did and then I wanted it all back. We had yet another fight and this time, he just turned his back and left, slamming the door behind him. I thought he would return back after cooling down and everything will be okay again, just as it has happened many times before. A few hours later, I received a phone call and he told me it was all over and that he can’t take it anymore. I was completely shattered, I felt this was gonna happen, and yet I never did anything to prevent it.

Over the next few days, I tried to call him and beg him to come back, but he didn’t agree. I called him again and again, until he switched off his phone and there was no contact anymore, only his last text message saying “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!”.

I had lost all hopes of ever being with him again. I felt like I lost all my happiness and then slowly depression began to crawl inside my mind. I didn’t want to go out or see anyone, I just stayed in the darkness of room and feeling how miserable I had become. The more I thought about him, the more I got the strength to not give up on him, so I started researching on techniques to get him back. It felt as if aster days of mourning about my broken relationship, it was now time to actions, because if I just sat there crying, nothing would ever happen.

How did I get my ex back?

First of all, I re-assessed everything about our relationship from the very beginning. Memories of those moments were so vivid in my mind that I felt like I was transported back to relive that time. In the beginning, everything was just great and there was almost no low moments. I wanted everything to remain like that forever.

Then one day, we had our first fight, I remember that clearly too. We screamed at each other so loudly that I had a sore throat, and eventually I started crying. He couldn’t see my cry, comforted me and we  ignore the issue.

Some time later, we had another fight over the same issue, I cried again, but this time he just left me alone and after a few hours, we were okay again. But the last time we had a fight, it was once again over the same issue and this time it shattered the relationship completely. Now I realized that if we had somehow figured a solution instead of ignoring the problem in the first place, we wouldn’t have broken up.

Now that I understood why our relationship broke up, I felt like there was hope again and I could fix things. But before telling you more about how did I get my ex back, I need to know that I flashed back throughout our relationship and I could see many similar flaws. Sometimes it was my fault, and other time my ex’s. But in all cases, these issues need to be resolved.

Now, how did I actually get my ex back?

I had to first accept that it was not going to be easy, but I was determined to go an extra mile and do what it takes so that he would just hear me out. I was not going to beg or plead. My research made me understand that I was doing it all wrong and by begging and pleading him to come back, I was just making things much worse. So, I stopped and gave him his time alone, to let him figure out things on his own. Maybe he would realize he wants me back too.

When the time came and we finally met to talk things out one day, I told him everything he needed to hear. I made it clear to him that I will take responsibility for my actions and he should do the same too. I also assured him that i will take my own decisions and will not let anyone influence my decisions. It was not easy, but I am not going to get in the details, because my situation and yours probably differ a lot.

Just like I got my ex back, you can get your ex boyfriend of ex girlfriend back too. It may be hard but it’s certainly not impossible. Do your research and take actions.

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4 thoughts on “How Did I Get My Ex Back Even After Losing All Hopes

  • Nancy

    I broke up with my ex I regret it and have told
    Him this many times I explained that I was
    Grieving and wasn’t thinking clearly
    It’s been seven months and he is being
    Stubborn I still care for him and want to be
    With him he still cares for me whenever I
    Call he takes my calls when I see him I can
    Tell by his body lanauge that he still cares
    I tell him I miss him and want to work things
    Out he won’t tell me he misses me he won’t
    Text or call when I tell him it’s ok I have
    Apologized many times , I have text , called
    Stop by to talk , send flowers , ask to cook
    Dinner for us , he is still holding out , I
    Am now not making contact for 30 days
    Hoping that he will miss me and want
    To get back together once I contact him
    Again I don’t want to give up on him or
    Us I am still hopeful but afraid he may not
    Come around . Is there any advice you
    Would give in my situation ?

  • Andrew Brogan

    I wish I could get back with my ex girlfriend but after we split up I found out my ex has moved on very quickly only a few months after we split up she is engaged to be married in May. I was devastated broke my heart. Sometimes there is no hope of getting your ex b

  • Masaaba rebecca

    Can you help me out because me Ilost all my hopes for him I’m just crying for the last 4 months I love him so much I miss him too much I beg you help me bring him back and we get married I also want to be happy