Here’s How To Make Him Crave For You Again Even If He Broke Up 1

The breakup has already happened now and there is nothing you can do about it, except accepting this fact and move on. Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean that you should forget the man you love. You only need to move on from this state of sadness and depression that you are in, so you can do what it takes to make him crave for you again.

It’s better for you that you hang out with people rather than staying in your room. Get some fresh and see how life is still beautiful even if you are newly single. The strong person in you has to be awaken. You need to understand and accept that the worst has already happened in your relationship, now it can either stay as it it or get better. Conflicts surely arise due to many reasons, but love doesn’t just disappear in a snap. Chances are that your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you, but he is just being practical for whatever circumstances.

After any breakup, it’s almost compulsory to give each other some time and space alone to re-think about everything. Pestering your ex or begging him to come back, because you can’t live without him or whatever, only lowers your self-esteem in front of him and actually makes more harm to your (ex) relationship. How do you want him to miss you if you are always irritating him?

Some days, or weeks later, when the breakup period has calmed down, you will gradually be getting in touch again. It doesn’t matter whether it’s you or him who initiates contact. If it’s you, be smart and properly plan it. At the same time, you shouldn’t be available to him all the time. if he says he wants to meet up and discuss something, don’t be readily available. Maybe you could tell him you’re busy these days and will let him know when you can meet up. ¬†As you know, people wants the things they can’t have the most, and if you play it hard to get, he will be attracted to you.

If he sends you text messages, don’t rush to reply him within seconds. Take your time and think about what you are going to say and how he will interpret your words before you hit reply. Here again, you will need to be smart about how you do it, don’t make it obvious that you’re delaying to reply on purpose. Your ex might get mad at you. For example, you could reply to 3-4 messages rather quickly, then let him wait a while before replying again, then you reply rather for some texts again. Make him crave for some replies from you.

You should not remain the same girl he broke up with, otherwise everytime he sees you he will remember the breakup. Make some nice changes in you instead, maybe a new haircut, some new clothes, a new makeup style, etc. When he sees you, it should be like he is seeing another person. It goes without saying that you need to start looking gorgeous again and dress beautifully as well. You are single now, so you don’t have to dress as per his likings now. The more beautiful you look, the more he will be craving to have you back in his life.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t miss a chance to flatter and compliment your ex. Whenever you bump into each other somewhere, make sure you say something nice to him. In this way, he will remember the good old days when you used to notice every small detail about him. He will remember why you are so special and why he fell in love with you. He may even regret breaking up with you.

Of course, making him crave for you is not enough to fix a broken relationship. Depending on your situation, there maybe other things that you need to resolve first before you get back with your ex. Don’t take any risk, be fully prepared.

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