Here’s A Plan To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend And Get Back Her Love 2

Relationships are probably the most complex equations between two people. On one hand, they can give maximum happiness and a feeling of satisfaction and on the other hand, a relationship that has gone sour becomes the source of inexplicable pain. Irrespective of how long the relationship lasted and who was at fault, a breakup is always painful. It is never easy to forget the person who meant the world to you at one point of time. If you realize that you cannot move on, then do not prolong this misery and give your best shot and win back your ex girlfriend.

Before taking the plunge to get back her love, you must always remember that the relationship did not start overnight nor did the breakup happen in a spur of a moment. Hence winning your ex girlfriend back will also take some time. So patience and determination are the key here. Fortunately for men, women are more attached and emotionally involved in a relationship. So, even though they say the relationship is over, deep in their heart they still have feelings for their boyfriends. If they see that he also feels the same then they are in most cases ready to give the relationship a second chance. Let us come up with a plan that can help ensure that your quest to win back her love goes smoothly.

Firstly, irrespective of how bad the need to get back your ex is, this desperation should never be conveyed. Pleading, begging or even threatening will never succeed in rekindling the feelings. At the same time, trying to show that the breakup has no impact on you is also not right as it would mean that you don’t want her back. So, just be wise in the way that you shall act and react. One way is to use common friends to make her know that you are not very happy after the breakup and seem to be emotionally low. This news would surely impact your ex and make her think about you.

Secondly, find out if she still feels something for you. If she is still single then the chances of getting back her love are much higher. Since you already know her lifestyle, try and visit places where she might be and behave that you have accidentally bumped into her. Make sure you look your best and just greet her with a warm smile, have a very short conversation and move on. This will surely make her think about you and may be lead to a coffee date as well.

It is also very important that you do not flood your ex with calls and messages. This might irritate her and eventually make her maintain more distance. Give her some space to miss you and see how things work in your favor. Another infallible tip which works almost always, unless you have done something extremely bad to her in the past, is to say that even though the relationship is over you both should not severe contacts completely and remain friends. If you manage to convey that she has been such an important part of your life and hence should always stay in touch as good friends, chances are she will appreciate you more for it. If you manage to keep being in touch, make sure that you keep reminding her of how wonderful days you had spent together and how you miss it and wish you could get those back. Girls get very emotional if they are reminded of the past moments and surely fall for the man who remembers them.

Love is a very special feeling and even though destiny does play a great role in deciding the fate of your relationship, do not give up easily. If you genuinely want to win back your ex girlfriend, work hard towards it. Never give yourself an opportunity to regret later, thinking that you should have tried to get her back. Try your best and remember, honest feelings are always reciprocated.


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