Why Getting Back With Your Ex Is A Wise Decision?

Most often, people think that getting back with an ex is a bad decision. This is often backed up by friends and family, who have seen you crying so much about your ex and they think that you would be happier if you forget everything and move on. If you are crying because of someone, it most probably means that you really love the person and you know that you deserve him or her, then why you just give up?

Don’t take it wrongly, your family and friends certainly want the best for you, but they don’t know want you have been through with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Only you know what’s best for you and if you want to get back together, we’ll tell why getting back with your ex is a wise decision.

If you’re going to ask yourself why you want your ex back, you’ll probably get answers like:

“He/she is the one for me.”

“I still love my ex.”

“I can’t live without him/her.”

These answers reflect the desperate state you are in right now, and your mind is not thinking straight. In fact, it won’t be wise to get back your ex for such reasons. It’s great that you are still in love and you think he/she is the one for you, but let’s be a bit more practical, rather than emotional.

First of all, you know how much time and energy you have spent to bring your relationship at it’s peak. It’s almost like nurturing and bringing up a child, isn’t it? For doing so much, your reward can’t be a breakup. If you give up today, one day you will be in a relationship with someone else and you have to invest so much in it again, and only God knows whether it will work out or not. So why give up now for another uncertain future relationship? Stick around and fix your broken relation instead. This might be wiser.

Whether it was you who initiated the breakup or your ex, maybe it happened in a moment of anger, and then when the words had been said, it seemed too late to undo anything. You knew what just happened was not meant to, yet your pride and ego won’t let you admit it. It’s unfortunate that this kind of situation has separated many couples around the world. Are you going to give up on your cherished relationship because of pride and ego? Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should lose all your dignity in trying to get back your ex.

You know you had a great love story ahead of you. Your story was not one of those that’s only great in the beginning and then begins to deteriorate with time. Ups and downs happen all the time. it it wise to give up when your love story hits a low?

Sometimes, couples breakup for practical reasons, for example if one is moving to another city. Simply because you won’t be meeting everyday doesn’t mean you can’t give long distance relationship a chance. Nowadays, you hear so many stories of people who found their soulmate online and eventually got married and settled together. You already have your soulmate, can’t you use technology to stay in touch as much as you can? And try to travel to meet as much as you can too. Who knows, maybe the little distance apart makes you realize each other’s importance and you decide to get married to be together.

Last but not least, you have already introduced your boyfriend/girlfriend to your family and friends, and they like him/her. Do you want to go through all this process again just because you aren’t willing to do what it takes to get your ex back?

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