Get The Love And Respect You Deserve In Your Relationship

When you fall in love, it isn’t always about a ‘happily ever after’ story but it should certainly be a classic effort of ‘giving much, gaining more’. A relationship begins to strengthen the moment a couple learns to listen, to forgive and to appreciate. Whether you’re dating or have been married, you can’t expect a relationship to stand unless both individuals put an effort to really understand each other. Though it is a relaxing feeling that you’ve tied the knot, but the minute you watch your fairytale slipping away, you panic! A relationship functions on love and respect that should be consistent for a healthy bond.

If you’re experiencing snappy moments with your spouse or facing fits of discomfort with every fight that takes place in the relationship, perhaps it is time to introspect. Get the love and respect you deserve in your relationship by following a few tips. Your relationship might have flowed with emotions and passionate moments at the beginning. But if you’re currently stuck in a phase where needs are not met and you begin to have expectations, then you’re certainly in trouble!

1. Solve Your Problems

When you finally sit down with the love of your life for that typical ‘conversation’ over coffee (it’s perfect during such moments) then an important step towards gaining love and respect is by defining the problems in the relationship. You can’t have a perfect relationship and there will always be differences, so how about sorting those differences out by listening to your man? Perhaps if you actually do the dishes once in a while or lend a hand at laundry, you’ll make your love feel so much more appreciated. By identifying the origin of the problem and finding a solution together that goes well with both individuals, you’ve taken the first step.

2. Nurture in Balance

Any individual wants to get love and respect in a relationship, which is absolutely natural! While it is good to give, it isn’t right to deprive yourself of a certain amount of comfort. You can’t measure the sacrifices you make because if you are a selfless soul, then all you need to do is have boundaries on yourself. There is nothing wrong in separating the time you give to your relationship with the freedom you give to yourself. You will have a healthy relation if you learn to care for yourself first. Once you begin to accept your faults, you’ll easily be able to make changes to yourself just so your love feels the comfort of your presence.

3. Communication

If you think communication is about listening, then you may never receive the respect or love you yearn for. It is about hearing what your partner has to say and though there’s no harm in having your personal opinions, a conversation isn’t a debate. By offering respect, you gain respect in return. ‘You always do this’ or the typical ‘You think you are always right’ is certainly a discomfort! In case you’ve already had a row over a difference of opinions, perhaps setting a wonderful dinner for your love might cool things off? And if you cannot communicate with words, then your actions will speak for themselves. If you want to portray affection for your partner, just do something for him that you never have or would never think about doing!

4. Avoid Criticism

Despite how cynical your mind can be, you cannot expect to gain respect if you continue with your nagging tantrums. Praise your lover and you’ll immediately notice the change. Sometimes a woman loves to hear her man appreciate her clothing or the delicious meals she cooks. Even if your partner doesn’t expect it, as a woman wearing the dress that your man bought on your last birthday will make him feel special and appreciated. Avoid offensive verbal fights or provocative trifles instead try a gentle approach towards putting across your words.

5. Burn Your Grudges

If you want to be loved and respected in a relationship then you should take off your fighting gloves and simply make love. Throw aside bad memories and move forward in your relationship because you’ll only give yourself an excuse to run than face problems. The hardest part of a relationship is building trust. Don’t sabotage your union by being a compulsive and unforgivable soul. If you’re lucky you might just have a person who is ready to love you despite such differences, but it isn’t right to deprive him of the love and respect he deserves for being a pillar of strength in your life.

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