Get It All Off Your Chest To Avoid Depression After A Breakup

It always seems like you still have so much to say to your ex after the breakup, whether you want to vent more anger, cry about the memories you made together or even try to convince him to come back. There is so much you want to say, yet your ex won’t listen. If you would call him, he would probably just hang the phone before you completed what you had to say, leaving you more restless. Even screaming at the top of your voice can’t help much.

Your head can’t think anything straight, because something feels so incomplete. Maybe you really want him to know that the breakup what a very bad idea, or you want to swear at him for leaving you in such an state after showering you with so much love in the past. How can someone wake up one day and decide to put an end to everything so easily. Or maybe you want to tell him that you dreamt about him. Whatever may be those thoughts, until you don’t say them you won’t be at peace with yourself. So what to do if your ex is not willing to listen?

To be frank, it’s good that he is not listening. You might end up losing the little self-esteem you’ve got left if you talk to him when you are in this state. Like we said, your mind is not thinking straight at the moment, and it’s likely you’ll be using the wrong words to express yourself. This can be fatal to your relationship with your ex and can even ruin all your chances of getting back with him one day, if you would want that.

You still need to get it all off your chest though. So, the best thing you can do is write everything down on paper. In fact, when writing you can express yourself in a much better way than if you talked directly with your ex. There are certainly some things you would not have been comfortable to mention when talking face to face. When you write everything, you can focus on every small feeling as well. You can stop, think and imagine before continuing to write. You can write pages and pages describing your pain, sorrow or anger. Eventually, you will notice your restlessness will begin to calm down.

When you have done writing it all, read everything again. After reading your own words, you might even see how your ex would have pitied you if you actually said all those things to him. Now, make sure you underline every negative things you find about yourself in the text. Maybe you’ll noticed that you mentioned feeling lonely several times, so that would be your negative thing. There will be many others too, identify each and everyone of your weakness so you can work towards improving yourself. if being lonely is your weakness, try to hang out as much as you can with your friends and keep yourself busy so you don’t feel lonely.

Being in love feels so good, almost like a heavenly feeling. And enduring a breakup is nothing less than hell. You must not let it pull you down though. You must not fall into any kind of depression no matter what your intention is regarding the breakup, that is, whether you want to forget everything and move on or give your relationship a second chance by winning back your ex’s love.

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