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Long distance relationships are tough, they are not for the faint-hearted. You have to be strong to maintain your relationship when your boyfriend is miles apart. No matter how much you love each other, doubts somehow always find its place in between because you can’t always be around to look over your boyfriend’s shoulder.

Women are often possessive about their partners. Even if it’s most probably annoying to the guys, sometimes you can’t help when it is in your nature. There are so many reasons why your long distance relationship breakup happened. Maybe you are clearly or vaguely aware of the reasons, but that does not matter now, you need to get back your boyfriend when distance has already separated you so much.

First of all, nagging is not a good idea. If he is not replying to your phone calls or text messages, maybe he wants some time alone, so give him that. You have to be subtle when getting back in touch after a breakup. If you feel that he doesn’t want to talk, don’t insist or you may make matters worse. You might be worrying that if you delay the patch up, he might find someone else because he is fed up of the long distance thing. In that case, you should really consider if he is really worth all the efforts you are doing to get him back. If he was really in love in love, would he just fall out of love and find someone else in a matter of days?

When things have calmed down a bit, maybe he will start getting worried about you and try to get in touch with you to know how you’re doing. If he does, do not vent your anger or depressive stuffs. Show him that you have accepted the breakup and also make it clear that you are finding it hard to do but you will move on if that’s what he really wants. Tell him that you appreciated him calling to check on you. Your boyfriend will be shocked by how well you’re handling the situation.

If he didn’t call you at all in several days, maybe you be that one calling him to ask how he is doing. Seize this opportunity to tell him that you have accepted the breakup and slowly struggling to move on, because that’s what he wanted. Ask him how he is coping with it in a friendly tone, and tell him that he can talk to you whenever he wants to.

Now that we have managed to make the post-breakup communication, it’s time to rekindle things between you two. Remember the days when you two were talking for hours on the phone or chatting, that’s what you should do again without him realizing that you are doing it on purpose. Figure out a time when you know he is completely free, find an excuse to call him, and just keep talking to him as long as you can. Make him happy with your words and don’t talk about depressive stuffs. Keep doing this once a while and soon you will get back your boyfriend and revive your long distance relationship.

It would be best if you could do video calls, then you can see each other while talking. Seeing each other, even though you’re miles apart, can do wonders in healing a broken relation. Always remember to look good before you get in front of the camera. You don’t need to do heavy makeup or anything, just tidy up a bit, tie your hair, wear nice clothes etc. Also, make sure you use a good camera. So, he can see you very clearly, almost as if he can touch you from the other side of his screen.

After a while, when things are better again, you could consider making a trip to where he is and hang out with him. You don’t have to go alone, you can also take a friend with you if you are not comfortable travelling alone. Any excuse is good as long as you get to spend some time with him physically. In the short time you will get to be together, you should do all the things that makes him happy and that’s how you will win his heart back.


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  • Kapil

    I am suffering from a heartache when she told me its over and she said she dnt feel the same she used to. I love her to bits and she is the one for me . She lives in USA at the moment . And i live in nepal. I dis some silly mistake always calling her always messaging her . And she said she need a space but i didnt give her a space now we r apart but. I realised my mistake and promise to myself never to do it again. But even if i tell her that i havechanged since them she wont believe me . We were engaged for 3 years now and she dumped me 2 week ago she called once but i begged her to take me back but disnt work please help me i cant see noting at the moment