‘Forget & Move On’ Is Not The Only Option

‘Forget & move on’ is what others will tell you when you are going through a breakup. Even though these people care a lot for you and can’t see you in the miserable state you are in, forgetting and moving on is not the only option you have. No one knows what you are going through, except you. Only you knows how much you cared for this relationship and how you wanted it to last for ever. It’s not too late, you can still get back with your ex after a breakup and rebuild a stronger relationship.

No matter what situation you are in right now, whether you had a very messy breakup or you both mutually away to separate, you can still win your ex back if that’s what you truly want. it’s not going to be easy and you will face a lot of hurdles along the way, but if you remain dedicated, you will reap your rewards and your ex will be back in no time.

To start with, fix your state of mind. If you are still crying, depressing and feeling sad about your separation, it’s time to accept what has happened and get yourself ready to bring back your ex. You ex may have broken up for whatever reason, but by staying  in this miserable state, you are simply giving him more reasons to stay away. Don’t shut yourself up in your room all day, go out and live your life. If your ex happens to bump into you somewhere, he will be amazed by how maturely you have handle the situation, and that’s a plus point for you.

Whenever you get the chance, have normal and genuine conversations with your ex. It’s best not to talk about your past relationship as this may lead to arguments. Arguments need to avoided at all cost. Yet another fight between you could ruin all the efforts you have been making in order to re-unite.

You and your ex may have taken separate paths for the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should break ties with everything he is associated to. A breakup is not a reason not to meetup with his family and friends, especially if you have been getting along well. It’s very likely that your ex will appreciate you being in touch with them. On the other hand, his family and friends may even encourage to get back with you if they really like you.

Now that you are single again, take some new hobbies. You will not only keep your mind busy with other things so you can forget your sorrows, but you will also meet new people and maybe make new friends. So far, you surely must have noticed that we are not using any kind of dirty tricks to convince your ex to come back. Dirty tricks are dangerous and can sometimes backfire. For example, trying to make him jealous by dating someone else may not be a good idea. Think twice, even thrice, before doing anything like that.

Everyone makes mistakes, maybe you did too. Therefore, if you have erred, genuinely ask forgiveness and give him the time he needs to forgive you.

‘Forgive & move on’ is certainly not the only option you have. You have all your chances of fixing your broken relationship with these methods.

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