How To Forget Your Ex Girlfriend And Move On

The emotional fallout after a breakup can ruin months and sometimes years of a person’s life. It is very painful, disturbing and quite rough for most people. Therefore, in this article we are discussing some ways to forget your ex girlfriend, move on and get your life back on track.

Give yourself time. You will need time to heal from the breakup. You can’t just move away from the fact that you are alone now. So just take a deep breath and start building a healing mindset for yourself.

Have you own place. It might be anything, your bedroom, your part of the flat, whatever. The place which you can call yours and sit there alone whenever you want. This is the place where you can show your anger and be honest with your thoughts.

Start writing. Write down your thoughts on a paper, no matter what it is. Don’t care about the order, grammar or content, just write your thoughts and feelings. You can write as much or as little as you want. When you have written almost everything or done a diary, just dump it or burn it or tear it so that you never see it again. It’s going to be hard to let go of these words, but you must do it to come out strong. A word of caution though, don’t try to send any of your writings to your ex. It will completely spoil the plan.

Think about your interests and hobbies. Now that you have more free time, you can start now something you have been planning from a long time. It might be a sport, learning guitar, doing a management course, etc. You should indulge yourself in activities and your aspirations. Don’t panic, just think about it a bit and take a step towards something productive.

Talk to your confidant. You are lucky if you have one. He or she might be your best friend, your mother, cousin, sister or anyone. Just talk to him/her on a daily basis whenever you feel low. Don’t be embarrassed while talking about the secrets you shared only with your ex. Just go with the flow, cry even if you want. The person will understand your pain and help you to forget your ex girlfriend.

Renew your schedule. You should have a new schedule now. Try to have your favorite activities during the times you used to spend with your ex. Make each day full of energy and productivity so that in the end you will feel positive and won’t find time to remember her.

Go on a trip. Yes, you heard it right. Go on a trip which you were planning from a long while. Go with your friends and try to add to your life experiences. Indulge yourself in fun activities and adventures. Singing karaoke with a bunch of new people will definitely be a good time.

Exercise. Trust me, this is the best therapy if you are stressed and want to unload your worries. Try to have an hour of the physical activity in your daily routine. It will give you a better physique, will add to your confidence and will keep you active through out the day.

Finally, it is very important that you respect what you had with her. It is not always best to forget her and move on. Sometimes, it just might be a phase where God wants to test your love and determination. But, you should not just call her back the second day after the breakup. However, a few days later you might find her in the same condition like you. Don’t let ego kill your relation. You should also try to get her back if you really love her. Nothing would be better than two people loving each other getting back together in the relationship.

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