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“Long distance relationships are hard to maintain and they rarely last”, maybe people who believe so have a reason behind it. However, I do believe this kind of a relationship can also work perfectly. A separation does not mean it is the end of the story. There is still hope even if you have to move to another country, or transfer to another school, as long as you love each other. Applying the following tips in your relationship will save it from breaking up.

Before moving to another location, sit down with your partner and discuss important issues such as, how often should the two of you meet, and how often you should communicate. Choose the most preferable method of communication, it can either be chatting, texting, sending mails, or phone calls. Communication is the key to keep the relationship alive and also remember to be sweet. Communication will reduce the many cases of insecurity.

Always plan for the future together, it does not matter if it is just about short visits, vacations, or the time you two are planning to settle down. Sharing such information makes the bond stronger and can also reduce chances of a breakup. These methods maintain an intimate relationship and a sense of commitment ensures satisfaction for both parties. Commitment and trust are the keys to any successful relationship.

An argument can occur once in a while . How to handle it and ensure it does not leave any hard feelings is very crucial. This can be avoided by not interrupting your partner, both of you should hear each other out. Do not hang up the phone as this is disrespectful. Always find a solution that favors both parties.

Another tip to save the relationship and avoid a breakup is to learn more about each other through conversation, get to know the likes, dislikes, and common interests of your partner. These little efforts count a lot and they will be fully appreciated. Make regular visits and take turns to visit each other. Do not let the busy schedule and the distance make you forget all about your partner.

Be positive, never let any negative thoughts of a possible breakup cross your mind and do not let any negative people in your life. They will only ruin the relationship with their pessimism. At times it can be a challenge but in the end it will be worth the effort.

“Love knows no distance” and it is sad that some people no longer believe in long distance relationships, while a number of online dating sites are based on a long distance setting. It is true it does have its shortcoming but the troubles are minor, which include, missing your partners too much and not having enough time to spend with each other. Apart from that everything else is achievable so you can be happy together, it only requires commitment and trust. People may say that a long distance relationship is doomed, but this is not always true. Long distance relationships still work perfectly well. As long as their is commitment, a breakup is the last thing that should cross your mind.

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One thought on “Expert Advice On How To Save A Long Distance Relationship From Breaking Up

  • Nicole Alden

    Thank you for your insight on long distance relationships. I visualize every day being with my partner. I’m definitely going to try to learn as much about him as I can. I think he’s almost ready to let the walls down so that I’m not wandering around blindly. He has given many subtle nudges and hints. I haven’t pushed because I trust him in my heart and head, feel him deep down in my soul. I KNOW that he is worth the wait and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. The only blessing I am praying for is that he is physically in my life sometime in the near future. I’m working on myself though, to be sure he gets the best me possible!!!