Why Is My Ex Trying To Get In Touch After Breaking Up?

Most people do not realize the value of what they have until they lose it. The same applies to relationships. You were dating this nice guy and all of a sudden he disappeared from your radar, he wanted a break or he met someone else and no longer wants to pursue the relationship with you. You cried endless buckets of tears for several days. Then, you tried dating other people and finally you managed to get him out of your mind. Now that you have risen, dusted yourself off, picked up the pieces of your shattered heart and moved on, you see there are endless calls and voice mail messages of your ex trying to get in touch again.

The human race is indeed very complicated. Why does someone who wanted nothing to do with you suddenly seems to want you back and is willing to do anything in the process? He suddenly doesn’t care if he embarrasses himself. He spends loads of money on flowers and gifts hoping to win you back. He doesn’t care if you slap him in public and throw the bouquet of flowers he brought you at your place of work. He won’t care if you break the bottle of wine he bought you or if you scream profanities at him because you are still upset.

There are many reasons why your ex trying to get in touch.

He has finally realized that the grass is not always greener on the other side. That hot and sexy woman that he couldn’t resist and who looked perfect is suddenly not so perfect. Flaws have emerged and you seem like a much better companion compared to the woman. Her hair was always in place but it turns out she is rigid in bed because she doesn’t want to mess up her hair. She was always in shape but as soon as she got a companion, she stopped taking care of her looks and she now look like she is expecting her tenth baby.

If it’s the case of a woman trying to get a man back, maybe she just realized that she is expecting and would like the baby to grow up with a father. While it could be your child, it is important to do a DNA test as there could be a risk the child might not be yours. Things could have turned sour in her current relationship and you are the easiest one to pin. She could also have been seeing other people while in a relationship with you and is just not sure who the father is.

It is important for couples to realize that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but that just because you have not experience it yet. Once you get on the other side, you realize the grass is not that green after all. Every relationship has its ups and downs. No one is perfect and unless your partner has a serious problem like being violent, it is important to work through your issues as a couple first. Don’t pull a plug on your relationship because of a few workable hiccups. Don’t lose your soulmate for ever.

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