What Does My Ex Girlfriend Truly Want – Should I Be A Nice Guy Or Not?

Women are a mystery; you will have a hard time figuring out what they really want. The moment you become too nice, they end up rejecting you, and you end up thinking that you should have been a bad boy and maybe things would have worked out better. But, even bad boys have their own share of rejections, there is no clear formula how to understand women.

I am dumbfounded, my girlfriend of 4 years suddenly left me, she just said she was tired of everything and did not want to proceed with a future chance of marrying me. I thought I had everything in control; there were no big signs that would have alarmed me into thinking that she was slipping away. She just sent a text and told me she wanted to talk, and after a heated discussion she decided to break up with me.

At times she is really confusing, after the breakup I still tried to communicate but she closed her mobile phone and often rejected the calls, that are the reasons why I stopped calling for 3 days. But after that, she suddenly sent a text and told me that I did not care about her at all and that breaking up with me was a good decision.

I thought she needed time to think and that is why I did not bother her for several days, but it turned out that she viewed this as me being a bad boy and accepting the breakup. After that, she changed her mobile number and I am now left confused more than ever.

What does my ex girlfriend truly want – should I be a nice guy or not?

Because of this confusion, I started consulting online relationship gurus who I hoped would be able to share thoughts on what I need to do in order to get my ex-girlfriend back. Figuring out what she really wants from me is harder than I thought. There is no universal answer that will apply for women but there must be ways to reduce the chances of breaking up through proper communication.

Relationship expert’s advice that women need balance in their relationships, they need to be given ample care and attention but men have to be careful to avoid becoming too clingy and to avoid spoiling women with too much material gifts. Just like in life, balance is the key to everything; a man must learn how to be sweet without overindulging the woman he is with.

People tend to value individuals that they worked hard to impress.  You must only give praise and attention to your partners if you feel that they will also invest the same feelings and effort with you. In this way, a woman will not easily neglect what you have to give. You also need to maintain your self-respect and to let her know your boundaries.

Give what you have to give in terms of the relationship, like your time and appreciation but always make sure to maintain respect for your beliefs in life. A woman who truly loves you will accommodate and understand these changes, just like the way you should if you like somebody. There are still a lot of things that I need to learn about women, this experience with the girl I have been with for 4 years will test my resolve.

In learning more about women I am hopeful that I would be able to win her back.

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