Easy Tricks To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Man

Breakups can be difficult and nothing makes them harder than when a third person is involved. But losing the love of your life to another man for the moment doesn’t mean game over; if you truly love your (ex) girlfriend, you’ll prove it to her and you’ll have all your chances of wining her back from the other man.

Why Should You Bother?

Just think of how lonely your life is going to be without her. If she found someone else so quickly, she must surely be someone very special. Maybe it was your fault that she left? Maybe you gave her no choice when all she really wanted to do was choose you. And if it was really your fault, you might never find a lasting relationship because you will keep on making the same mistakes, even with another girl. Instead, try to win the woman of your heart back, address the concerns, and get to the root of the problem together, without another man getting in the way. This way, if you split in the end, it will be mutual and easier for you to deal with. So, you want to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another man?

May The Best Man Win

Beating up the new guy who is in your ex-girlfriend’s life is not going to win you any points. Sure, he may have it coming, but you’ll only be setting him up for sympathy and then guess who is going to be there to make it all better? That’s right, your girl. To get your ex-girlfriend back from another man, you’re going to have to think smarter.

Game Plan: Assess, Address, and Win

You already know that you are the better man (would you be fighting for her right now if it was not the case?), but now you’ve got to prove it. Without a proper plan, you will not be able to win back her love. So, sit down with a clear mind, and come up with a game plan to win.

Make her feel good about the relationship that you had.

Trying calling her out of the blue and telling her about a special memory that you two shared. Maybe something that made you both laugh. Then tell her that you were just thinking about it and get off the phone.

Remind her of how well you really know her

Pick out her favorite flower or color of flower, or even better, pick out her favorite dessert or a shirt from her favorite store and leave it wrapped on her doorstep for her to find later. This will also make her feel like you can give to the relationship without expecting anything in return.

Show your support

Email her about a job opportunity that you think she would be a good fit for or offer to take her dog on a walk on a night that you know she will be busy so she understands that you will be there for her when she needs you.

Plan a date

Ask her to go out, even if it’s just as friends, but come up with something that you know she’s always wanted to do. Don’t be afraid to be extravagant, anything for her right?

While going through the extra effort to get the girl (who you know you love) back may seem like more work than you had planned, remember that this chance to win her back may never come again. Even if it doesn’t work out well, it’s best to end the relationship on an even playing field so you have at least some say in the decision instead of her calling all of the shots. Besides, the best man should win right? And if you are here reading this article on how to get her back from the other man, you are probably the best man for her.


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