Easy Methods To Make A Guy Want Me Back

When a couple breaks up, it’s often very hard for them to reconcile and get back together. But why? Do you need to understand rocket science to mend a broken relationship and make it work again? The truth is, the methods are easy, but it takes a lot of efforts and willpower to apply those methods till they work. Most couples simply give up without trying hard enough. Which one are you?

Here are the easy methods to make a guy want me back:

If you’re still in touch with your ex, it’s very likely that most conversations are going to end up in heated arguments or fights. This is pushing him further away from you and needs to be stopped once and for all. Understandably, your emotional state is very fragile and unstable right now, that’s why it’s very hard to stop yourself. Hence, it would actually be better to stop contacting him for while, until your emotions are stabilized.

Another thing that you may have been doing is begging him to come back and that you can’t live without him, etc… We’ll blame that on the emotions as well. What you have to realize is that he isn’t coming back to you out of pity, and even if he did, the relationship wouldn’t last long. You shouldn’t surrender yourself to him by saying that you’ll do anything he wants. This will make him feel like he has the remote to control you whenever and howler he wants. Not only are you losing your dignity in doing so, but you’re also giving him the freedom to enjoy his time being single and he’ll come back to when he choses to.

Assuming I was in your place and I wanted to make a guy want me back, I would re assess everything about me that needed to change. That’s what you should do too. You need to bring good and positive changes in you. A guy is not going to want you back if you are the same way you were when he left you. As much as you can, you should not do anything that will remind him of the breakup. Maybe you have some bad habits he got fed up of, you should change them. It is also important to increase your self esteem level.

If you want to change your looks and dressing sense completely, go ahead. At the time when you were still dating, surely you always did your best to look nice. Have you been making yourself beautiful for him lately? In those days, you were probably going to the gym every other day to stay fit and lean, and now you’ve become a coach potato and gained some weight. Now that you are single and have a lot of free time, hit the gym again, you’ll get fit again. It’s not only a smart move for seducing your ex, but you’ll feel healthier too.

Your guy doesn’t want to be back with someone who is always sad and depressed, so you will have to learn to overcome the sorrows of breaking up and be happy. It’s not good enough to just pretend that you are happy, you should truly be happy. Your happiness doesn’t rely on just one guy being in your life, right?

Last but not least, do not play any dirty tricks to get back at your ex, such as dating someone else just to make him jealous. Instead, learn how to intelligently use psychological triggers to grab his attention and attract him to you again.

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