The Most Controversial Ways To Get A Man Back

The world of dating and relationships is full of drama. Actually, it has so much drama that 70% of all TV shows have to do with love and the drama involved. One of the most interesting parts of dramas happens when a woman loses a man she really loves to another woman. Since it has always been said, go for what you want, women do bizarre things to get their men back. The methods described in this article can be a bit controversial but the end justifies the means. Below are four of the most controversial ways that you can use to get your man back.


This is one of the most archaic ways of keeping your man where you want him, especially if he wants to leave. It has never been clearly understood why men always respond favorably in front of crying women. It just might be that the emotions involved call to their feminine side and they decide to stay. This method happens to be a bit controversial especially among women. Most of them say that crying for a man is stooping too low. However, women who have cried before and gotten their men back don’t see anything wrong as long as your tears get you what you want.

Cause drama

This is another thing that men hate and will do anything to avoid. It goes without saying that any self respecting man will not just walk away to his new greener pastures without telling you. The moment he tells, make sure that he will never forget it. To make it better, cause or threaten to cause so much drama that he changes his mind. Threaten to tell all his friends, family and work colleagues that he is cheating on you and see the magic this will have. As if by remote control, he will pretend to never have said that he was leaving you. You can even get a date out of the drama. When people say that he stays with because of the drama, ask them why they are single and you are not. That will shut them up.

Get involved with his friend

Jealousy is a tool that is very effective in getting your man back but you have to know how to use it well. There is nothing that kills and breaks a man more than when he sees a woman he was involved with get cozy and close with a friend or colleague. For this method to work well, do not target any of his very close friends because they will avoid you. Go for a colleague who is not so close and start doing the things you used to do with him in his presence. He will come knocking at your door within a day or two.

Get in a fight with his new girl

If all the methods do not work, find out who the new girl he is going out with is and get in a fight with her. Send her to him with a message that if he doesn’t come back, you will get in a fight with her and every other woman he gets involved with. Sit at home and wait for his phone call.

Now that you have read the controversial methods, it is important you understand that not all of the above will work for you. These are mostly described here for the purpose of entertainment. If you are not certain about things, it better that you don’t take any risk and get some professional advice.

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