Common Behaviors Towards Your Girlfriend That Will Make Her Renounce Your Relationship

Relationships do suffer a crack at many times. Innumerable reasons are attached to the fact that a relationship is on the edge. However there are some common behaviors that are simply present in all the bonds, which just aggravate the deplorable situation. It is high time to recognize them if you don’t want to be in the place of those who regret not valuing their most precious relationship.

Insanely jealous.

Jealousy refers to a strong desire for someone else’s stature or possessions. However, in a social setting, it causes someone to be doubtful of their partner and feel threatened by their interaction with certain people. There are several degrees of jealousy; some can be beneficial for your relationship, whereas the others can be detrimental. Though a mild degree of jealousy will show your partner that your feelings for her are deep, obsessed jealousy can prove to be destructive for your relationship. You want to know where she is at all times, what she has been doing to make her late, or the names of other guys, say her co-workers. Stop being insanely jealous towards her, otherwise she will find her way out sooner than ever because even she feels like she needs some space.

Irrationally possessive.

Possessiveness is that element which is present in almost every relationship. To determine the level of the possessiveness in your relationship is one important aspect. It is more than normal that you want a partner who is a little possessive about you, because it feels flattering and shows that your partner is devoted to you. However if your possessive cross the boundaries then it becomes dangerous, thus dominating your relationship. Your attachments become so high that instead of feeling secure, you feel a sense of insecurity surging. You will try to control her every aspect of life. Her every decisions lie in your hands, irrespective of her opinions. Your partner is forced to do what you want as her desires and wants do not count anymore. The objective of a possessive partner is to try to install a fear for him deep inside you and will shift all the blame on you so easily without accepting the responsibility. Therefore instead of remaining in relation with such a man, she will prefer to break up as she is in a point of life where she does not have or want to answer to everybody.

Very clingy and needy.

Nobody wants a clingy man. Being clingy is just about the fact that you want to be with your girlfriend all the time, you want her all for yourself and this is a sure thing that your relationship won’t last long due to the annoying nature of your partner. Your significant other wants all of your attention; he wants you to focus just on him. He gets into a fit of rage when you do something which does not involve both of you.  Your better half wants you to have no other life of your own apart from being with him. He cuts off all the relations with friends and cousins just to be with you. This kind of behavior often becomes annoying and problematic to continue in such a relationship. It is very important to give your partner her room of separateness.

A little bit of jealousy, clingy of possessiveness is healthy for every relationship, but too much of them can deteriorate your relationship. If you think that you’ve been exerting too much of these behaviors, then it’s time to change your way of thinking. As it is, there is always room for improvement.

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