Can You Really Just Send Text Messages And Get Your Ex Back?

Breakups often happen between numerous relationships.  Some breakups bid the final goodbye, whereas some are not the final decision of a couple. Many couples reconsider this idea after some days, weeks or months. An initiative has to be taken by at least one person to revive your relationship and to get your ex back.

There are many ways to try to get your ex back. Some can be right or wrong, some can be easy or difficult and some can prove to be beneficial or detrimental. One helpful way to get back your ex is via text messages. Text messages can be very influential in all aspects of relationship. They can spark love, passion and romance. They can create mystery and curiosity and can help to heal past wounds.  But this will be possible if the willingness to get back together comes from both the parties.

Text messages can drag your ex very close to you but wrong types of messages can also ignite fights instead of mending the broken relationship. In so doing, your ex can find a certain degree of neediness and desperateness in you which make you boring and unpleasant, pushing your ex away for good.

Thus the right message must be sent at the right time. Text your ex, let him know that he is still in your mind, that you care for him and you regret the fact that you both have broken up. But do not pester him, give him the time to reply you, to get back to your message. This will make him realize that the door is open for him to get in touch with you.  If you keep on nagging him, he will be fed up and the slightest chance will go waste. Make him remember about the moments you spend together. Do the things that you both enjoy and send him a message making him aware of what you are doing relating to both of you.

There are many instances where a relationship is broken with both the party’s consent and on the other hand there are also such relationships which are broken without the consent of the other. Misunderstandings, doubts and fights are most likely the causes.  Thus it clearly means that one of them is surely at fault. Realizing your mistake is the greatest sword to mend your relationship and this can be done by sending a wise and honest text.  Just send your ex a text saying how sorry you are, regretting the result of your doings and your willingness to amend things. Remember, begging and pleading will not do the work, instead it will make you look more weak in front of your ex, which is not always attractive. Sometimes a small but sincere and lovely message can bring you two back together.

Researches done have pointed out that  the percentage a relationship can be patched up is more by text messages than having face to face conversation. Face to face exchange of words is not that beneficial. Many a times it happens that you just forget your words, you forget what you have to say, you feel like panicked and nervous. Pursuing this attitude, using bad words, misuse of words and instant rude and angry reply without giving a thought can just end the possibility of both the partners coming back together. On the other hand, text messages give your partner time to think before giving you a reply. It can happen that you think he will ignore your message completely. On the contrary, how hard he will try to avoid your message, he will finally be tempted to find out what you have to say, thus replying your clear and sincere feelings surely in the positive sense.

Texting is way more helpful and beneficial than any other way. It is not as tough as it seems to be. One just has to be fully aware of what kind of text messages he is sending. Just do not overdo your messages, be clear, direct and pouring your feelings within limits will give better chance to come back together once again.

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