Should You Buy A Christmas Gift For Your Ex?

Such a simple question, yet the answer can be so complicated. In fact, we can’t just say yes or no to buying a Christmas gift for your ex. It all depends on your situation, which we aren’t aware of. The best thing thing we can do though, is help you analyze your situation together, and then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to buy your ex a gift or not.

How did the breakup happen?

Some breakups can happen by mutual agreement from both partners in a mature ways, while others can be very messy and nasty. If yours was quite messed up, it might be a good idea to avoid sending any gift. Even though, you may have moved on and gifting your ex in good faith, he may take it wrongly. Again, that would depend on the gift, but to avoid any conflict, just leave your ex alone. On the other hand, if you are still on good terms with your ex, it’ll probably do no harm to send him a gift for Christmas.

How long has it been since you broke up?

To be frank, sending your ex a gift right after a breakup is weird. Your ex will get mixed signals from you and will not understand how to react. After all, you just broke up a couple of days ago, so why would you send your ex-partner any gift? He might interpret this as a desperate move to convince him to take you back.

What kind of gift are you buying?

Since you are not his girlfriend anymore, avoid buying the kind of gifts girlfriends buy, such as romantics stuffs or little toys to remind him of the lovely time you had together. The same applies to expensive gifts as well, since you have no reason to invest so much in him. You are in the friend zone now, so don’t push yourself to be his girlfriend now. It’s better to give him a simple gift in the context of friendship.

Is there any other ulterior motive for buying a gift?

There is nothing wrong in being friends after a breakup, especially if you have been friends before you dated. But having ulterior motives behind this friendship is a deceit. Sending your ex a gift when he is already in a relationship with someone else might create tension in his current relationship. To be on the safe side, you could send your ex a Christmas card. Then again, you wishes should not contain any mixed messages.

What are you expecting?

It’s important that you stay true to yourself, if you are sending your ex a gift genuinely because he is a friend, you should not have any other expectations from him. Do not even expect to get a gift from him, just give and forget. You could also wait and see if your ex sends you something before you send yours.

We have covered a bunch of factors that can help you decide now, there are still many other things that you can consider, depending on your situation. If you’re still confused, you could smartly let your ex know that you are planning to send him a gift and see how he reacts, maybe by giving him a call and asking for his correct address.

Be aware that the tips will not help you get your ex back. If that’s what you really want, use the right tactics to get back together.

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