5 Reasons Why You Are Failing To Get Your Ex Back

When people fall in love, they quickly learn that the pair thinks alike, they know the same things, they have many wonderful qualities that keep them in love. However, when they fall out of love, they lose interest in each other and they quickly move on. The people fall out of love and they split up. Often, for one of them the option is finding a way to keep the relationship together. Knowing what caused the split up is important to getting the relationship back on track, if you want your lover back you will need to know what caused the breakup in the first place. With the tools to figure out what went wrong you can be on your way to finding the easiest way to get your ex back.

1. Too Many Questions

A man will aggravate the situation by destroying the female psyche and women will destroy the relationship by playing too many games. These come from them both asking too many questions. The reason they are failing to get their ex back is because they try to get the answer to every question. Everyone, in their mind, has an answer and they expect that answer to come from their loved one. Instead of loving on each other, they spend too much time asking questions about the past. The person will not get the lover back by doing this. Asking him where he has been or what has he been doing will cause him to stay away from you. Asking her where she is going or why did she spend money on a new dress will cause her to run away quickly.

2. Really Poor Communication

Another reason why you are failing to get your ex back is because you have very poor communication. If you have decided to get the love of your life back, you will need to learn how to communicate properly. You can’t do this by sending him or her emails and making visits that are unannounced, you have to get together and talk about everything that is going on in your relationship. A successful relationship is based on the ability to talk to each other. By getting all the bad stuff out, you will learn what you need to fix.

3. Mental Breakdowns

Failing to get your ex back is usually because they had a mental breakdown due to something that you did. One of the things that is always noticeable is that you had a rough breakup, but you need to find the confidence to bring the relationship back together. Having your sincerity and your true love will make the ex feel the love again in a big way. He or she will like being with you if you show them that their mental breakdown or your mental breakdown does not affect the love you have for them and that it will be a catalyst to making your future better. This one important step will lead you to a great relationship.

4. Apology Overkill

To show that your multiple failures to get back with your ex is not killing you, you will need to quit apologizing. One thing that your mate doesn’t need is to hear you keep telling them what you did wrong. It is hurting your relationship to keep telling your partner that you are small and helpless. So, tell them that you are sorry once and be done with it for good. They want to know you are sorry but they don’t need to know that you are so helpless that you can’t make it without them.

5. The Wrong Messages

The last reason why you are failing to win your lover back is that you are sending the wrong messages, the lover sees you saying one thing and doing another. The main thing is that you should not go over board and send the wrong messages to the one you love. They need to know that what you say and what you do is the way you feel about them.

If you are unable to figure out the reason why you are failing to get your ex back, then you may need some help or leave your ex alone. However, don’t spend every day getting upset, you may just need a relationship psychologist to help you to figure it out for you. You can get back together win an ex by paying attention to what you did wrong and how you can mend things.

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