10 Tips To Fix A Broken Relationship And A Broken Heart

It is an instinctive feeling to always be around the ones we love. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Due to various factors, we are forced to separate from the ones we truly love, leading to unbearable emotional pain and torture. The good news however is that you and your ex can be back together regardless of who or what made the relationship break up.

1. Figure out why you broke up

It is almost impossible to fix a broken relationship without idenfying why it did not work in the first place. Analyze the whole relationship carefully and point out what possibly went wrong. Who initiated the breakup? If the fault was yours, do not just sink in sorrow and be filled with remorse. Learn from your mistakes, learn the lessons and let go of the details. This will also help a big deal in boosting your self confidence.

2. Wait for things to settle

It is only natural for people to want to rethink things over after a break up. Your ex is no exception. Give him some time by himself, avoid stalking, calling or texting him for some time. Make sure it is not for a very long time because this could indicate that you are over with him and that you have moved on. Your main intention here is to fix your broken relationship.

3. Have a make over

When most people are in relationships, they tend to neglect their looks. They tend to drop the sexy outfits they once would wear when going out to watch a movie for loose trousers that feel more comfortable, but are less pretty. Remember that physical appearance has a lot to play when it come to romantic attraction. Now that you are ‘single’ again, it is the perfect time to go for a facial, manicure or pedicure and resume your gym classes. This will make you irresistible when your partner has his eyes on you again.

4. Live your life to the fullest

No one wants to be around a pessimist who always find reasons to complain and regret over past events. Make this the perfect opportunity to explore life and find things you love to do, probably with friends or by yourself. Visit the library, attend cookery classes and visit your favourite local clubs and dance like there is no tomorrow. You might bump into your ex and maybe he will want you back into his life. Everyone wants someone who loves and appreciates himself. Be confident and go through life passionately. Your partner might even reconsider the whole situation.

5. Prepare for an approach

You may not necessarily meet with the person physically. Whatever the case, give a critical thought to your approach. Be brief and direct to the point in case you get a phone call or text message. Make sure not to discuss any important issues over the phone though. It is also important that you do not act desperate or be too demanding. Request to meet up and consider your ex’s schedule. Your choice of words is very important, you need to avoid talking of what made you split. You will have all the time for that later when you get back together.

6. Observe if he is still interested in you

Trying to fix a broken relationship with a person who no longer seems to care is quite challenging. It is like one suffering from unreciprocated love. However, it is important to know the other person’s thoughts and views. This will help you decide the angle you are going to face the whole issue with it. If you find out they are still into you, then that’s really good for you. But if otherwise, you do not have to despair. Remember he was once in love with you, which means there is something in you that attracts him. Identify it and optimize on it.

7. Be the person he fell in love with

He fell in love with you among so many others, so that means there is something special in you that completely captures his attention. Always try to be the best of yourself, laugh a lot and listen attentively to what he says. Remember, you will always possess something special that you alone can offer.

8. Try to rekindle the flames

When you are together, try to be positive and avoid complaining or discussing why the relationship did not work. Remind your ex of events you attended together, places you visited and songs you sang before. This will bring back the good memories and he will miss having you back in his life.

9. Do things together without commitment

This is more about spending time together. Hang out with your old friends and your ex as well, go watch movies together and invite them to parties you organise. Basically, make the person realise that he made a mistake letting you go because you compliment each other.

10. Be mysterious

No one wants a person who is always so open that there is no mystery to figure out. Let him wonder of what you have been up to lately and what makes you so lively. He may want to get back with you to unveil the mystery.

Fixing your broken relationship is very much possible, provided that you are willing to do what it takes. There is no need to cry over your breakup because you still have all your chances of being back together. Just gather enough confidence and go for what makes you happy.

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